Anodized Sealers and Seal Coatings

Sealant -- CHEMEON® Seal 6000
from CHEMEON Surface Technology, LLC

CHEMEON ® Seal 6000 - Additive for hot deionized water seal. Wetting agents and dispersants prevent smut and accelerate seal. Parts sealed in CHEMEON Seal 6000 may be painted, bonded, or welded with excellent results. Use at 0.1-0.5% v/v with a pH of 6.2 to 7.0 and temperature of 195 °F to... [See More]

  • Substrate: Metallic; Aluminum; Anodized
  • Coating Material: Metal Filled; -2146826273
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Thermoset
  • Cure Temperature: 195 to 205
Sealing System -- Houghto-Seal™ A-617
from Houghton International, Inc.

Houghto-Seal ™ A-617 is cold seal designed to seal aluminum anodized parts at 90 °F. Parts sealed in Houghto-Seal A-617 will pass the Dye Stain Test immediately after drying, pass the Modified Dye Stain Test six hours after, pass the Acid Dissolution Test 24 hours after, and be fully cured... [See More]

  • Substrate: Aluminum; Anodized
  • Cure Temperature: 90
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Thermoset
  • Industry: OEM / Industrial