Specialty / Other Viscometers

Dynatrol Viscosity System -- DV-1 through DV-5
from Automation Products, Inc.

Dynatrol ® Viscosity Systems provide fast, precise viscosity measurement for use on a wide variety of process industry applications: plastics, chemicals, inks, paper, oils, paints, shampoos, adhesives, coatings, foods, etc. The Dynatrol viscometer utilizes a unique vibratory principle to provide... [See More]

  • Dynamic Viscosity Range: 1 to 100000
  • Display & Special Features: Temperature Measurement (optional feature); Benchtop or Laboratory (optional feature); PC Interface / Networkable; Process Line Mounted for Continuous Monitoring; SPC or Application Software
  • Technology / Test Method: Vibratory / Oscillating Viscometry; Other; Unique Vibratory Principle
  • Industry / Application: Adhesives; Cosmetics; Coatings / Paints; Chemical Processing; Food and Beverage; Non-Newtonian; Petroleum; Plastics