Optical Absolute Rotary Encoders Datasheets

High Resolution 4-20 LCD Encoders and Registers -- HR® LCD
from Badger Meter

High Resolution LCD 4-20 encoders and registers from Badger Meter are fully electronic, solid-state, field programmable and are designed for use with all current Badger Meter Recordall Disc Series, Turbo Series, Compound Series, Combo Series and Fire Service meters. Depending on your connectivity... [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Electrical Output and Interface: Current
Encoders -- 1724-1038-ND [XH25D-SS-12GC-28V/V-CW-SM14/19 from BEI Sensors]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 158
  • Output Code: Gray
Absolute Encoder -- A37S
from Gurley Precision Instruments

The model A37 mini encoder is a single-turn absolute rotary encoder with opto-electronic technology. This encoder is used in a wide variety of position-sensing applications for the measuring of angles and distances in relatively small envelopes. Mechanical features include a37-mm aluminum housing, a... [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Resolution: 12
  • Electrical Output and Interface: Serial; Parallel
  • Accuracy: 85.00
Lika Absolute Rotary Encoder -- AM9
from Hymark/Kentucky Gauge

Compact & flat multi-turn encoder. Resolution up to 8192 counts/rev. x 4096 rev. Radial M23 connector output. · AM9: solid shaft version. · AMC9: through hollow shaft version [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Encoder Type: Multiturn
  • Diameter / Width: 3.46
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 212
Rotary encoders // Absolute encoders (ROTACOD + ROTAMAG) // Analogue output -- AS58 A · AM58 A
from Lika Electronic

Optical absolute encoders. Single and multi turn versions. Analogue output [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Resolution: 12 to 16
  • Electrical Output and Interface: Voltage; Current
  • Accuracy: 144.00
from Radwell International


  • Encoder Technology: Optical
RESOLUTE Series BiSS Output Readhead -- With RESA Angle Encoder
from Renishaw

The RESA is a one-piece stainless steel ring with 30 µm pitch absolute scale marked directly onto the periphery. The unique single-track format of the scale incorporates the absolute position data and phase information in one single code, which combined with RESOLUTE ™s advanced optical... [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Resolution: 32
  • Electrical Output and Interface: BiSS
  • Accuracy: 0.41
8780420 [62AG22-L5-060C from Grayhill, Inc.]
from RS Components, Ltd.

The 62AG series of optical encoders are built for use in a range of applications. These include audio systems, navigation systems, patient monitoring systems,consumer electronics and professional editing equipment. Available with a choice of different cable lengths and termination types. The 62AG... [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Shaft Speed: 100
  • Diameter / Width: 0.2488
  • Output Code: Gray
Absolute Industrial Rugged Metal Optical Encoder -- HD25A
from US Digital

The HD25A is a rugged absolute encoder designed for heavy duty industrial use. This absolute encoder is a non-contacting optical rotary position sensor which reports the shaft angle within a 360 range. The HD25A can be used for automation, motion control and robotic applications. As opposed to... [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Diameter / Width: 2.65
  • Electrical Output and Interface: Voltage
  • Shaft Speed: 6000 to 15000
39-bit Multi-turn Absolute Encoder -- AS38-H39E-B13S
from Avago Technologies

The AS38-H39E is a multi-turn absolute encoder series available with a high-resolution option of 39 bits (23-bit single-turn and 16-bit multi-turn). The single-turn encoder contains a detector Opto-ASIC that is accompanied by a high-precision amplifier circuitry coupled with a special multi-track... [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Resolution: 39
  • Electrical Output and Interface: BiSS-C
  • Accuracy: 80.00
Absolute Encoder -- AMG 11
from Baumer Ltd.

When choosing an absolute encoder made by Baumer you have drawn on trusted technology. For two decades, Baumer has been manufacturing absolute multiturn encoders. The technology proved itself a hundred thousand times in practice. We are the only manufacturer applying different technological methods... [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Diameter / Width: 4.8
  • Resolution: 13
  • Shaft Speed: 3500
Absolute Explosion-Proof Encoder -- H38
from BEI Sensors

An absolute optical rotary encoder provides a unique binary word for each position. Single-turn encoders are ideal for motion control applications where the position-sensing device moves at a slow rate under one rotation or is inactive for long periods of time. Absolute encoders excel in situations... [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Resolution: 13
  • Electrical Output and Interface: Voltage; Current; Serial; Parallel; Serial Synchronous Interface
  • Accuracy: 30.00
Miniature Rotary (Angle) Encoders -- Optira™ PI
from Celera Motion

Combining MicroE ’s patented PurePrecision ™ technology with state-of-the-art electronics and signal processing, the Optira delivers unprecedented performance in an incredibly small and lightweight package, providing resolution of up to 5nm with all AGC, interpolation, and signal... [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Accuracy: 2.00
  • Electrical Output and Interface: Voltage
  • Diameter / Width: 4.25
Angle Encoder with Integral Bearing -- RCN 2000

Features of the RCN Series:- Absolute measuring method- Large hollow shaft diameter (up to 100 mm)- Integrated stator coupling- Compact size for limited installation space- System accuracy includes the deviation caused by the shaft connection- Outstanding dynamic response- Simple installationTypical... [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Resolution: 26 to 28
  • Electrical Output and Interface: EnDat
  • Update Rate: 2000 to 16000
Absolute Encoder w/ DeviceNet Interface -- ACURO™ AI25
from Dynapar Corp.

The ACURO AI25 optical industrial absolute encoder is available in a single-turn or multi-turn version. The multi-turn design is based on a reliable high-speed gear with optical scanning and the latest generation of OptoASIC technology. [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Resolution: 14
  • Electrical Output and Interface: CANbus; DeviceNet
  • Accuracy: 36.00
Optocode EXAG Rotary Position Sensor -- CANopen
from Everight Position Technologies Corporation

Main Features. Approval: II 2 G/D EEx d II C T6. Heavy-duty industrial model. Interface: CAN. Protocol: Canopen. Max. 8192 steps per revolution (13 Bit). Max. 16384 revolutions (14 Bit). Code: Binary. Mechanical Structure. Ex-proof, flameproof enclosure. Flange and housing of Aluminum. Shaft of... [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Resolution: 13 to 14
  • Electrical Output and Interface: CANbus; CANopen
  • Shaft Speed: 1200 to 6000
POSITAL IXARC CANopen Multi-turn Absolute Rotary Encoder -- CANopen

POSITAL CANopen optical encoders use a tried and tested optoelectronic scanning method to record positional values. The singleturn mechanism provides a resolution of up to 16 bit per revolution and the multiturn units register a maxi-mum of 16,384 revolutions (14 bit), thereby covering an overall... [See More]

  • Encoder Technology: Optical
  • Resolution: 1 to 16
  • Electrical Output and Interface: CANbus; CANopen
  • Accuracy: 72.00 to 1296000.00