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Hand clamps are temporary fixturing components used to hold and position work for assembly, forming, welding, inspection and machining applications hand clamps can also hold parts together during welding, fastening, or other assembly operations.


Types of Hand Clamps

There are many different types of hand clamps. Examples include a clamping system, adjustable band, and machine table.


  • A clamping system is used to set workpieces without resetting them repeatedly and passing them through multiple machining operations.
  • Frame welding is used to weld an assembly in a frame.
  • A vise grip is used to hold the work or job for assembly, forming, welding, machining, and inspection.
  • An adjustable band is a band that can be adjusted to hold hardware of various shapes and sizes. Thus hand clamps which include an industrial cutting table and machine table have prefixed machines to perform various operations such as cutting, holding welding. Other hand clamps are commonly available.

Hand Clamp Mounting

Hand clamps use clamping system for damage-free clamping of the work pieces to provide high precision and provide strong holding forces. A clamping system can be mounted either on angled, vertical, or horizontal clamping plates.


  • A frame welding system is a modular system that is assembled to construct enclosures, jigs, and machine frames.
  • A vise grip consists of a screw or level mechanism which has two or more jaws that close and hold the work piece. A type of vise grip is a fast grip locking C-clamp which is easier to open. It uses the screws for fixing the work and adjusts the pressure to be applied.
  • An adjustable band provides uniform pressure on various clamp shapes and sizes. An adjustable band clamp holds the work and can be closed or opened as frequently as required.
  • An industrial cutting table consists of a steel plate, a drive system, and pins to hold the components and parts. An industrial cutting table is powered either by electric or pneumatic motors, hydraulic drives, or can be operated manually. An industrial cutting table is provided with a variety of specifications. An industrial cutting table varies in work table diameter, maximum radial and axial loads.
  • A machine table has many machines clamped onto the table. A machine table consists of a machine spindle that points to any specific part of a machine whose operation is desired. Hand clamps use all these machines to perform welding, monitoring, or forming the assemblies.

Applications of Hand Clamps

Hand clamps are use in several applications. Some of its applications include clamping in aircraft, trucks, marine industry, and heavy vehicles. A machine table is used for positioning equipment, various machining applications, and plumbing. Hand clamps hold work properly which makes operation easier.



A-A-547 - Clamp, hand screw



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