Devices used to route signals by allowing or preventing the signal flow when in closed or open position.
Switches Categories

Air Switches (14 suppliers)

Air switches or air-actuated switches are electromechanical devices that use air pressure supplied from an actuator to activate a mechanical switch. They are commonly used where electrical isolation is required such as a hot tub or garbage disposal.

DIP Switches (144 suppliers)

Dual in-line package (DIP) switches are electronic packages that consist of a series of tiny switches. DIP switches are used to configure computers and peripherals such as circuit boards and modems.

Disconnect Switches (226 suppliers)

Disconnect switches rapidly disconnect circuits from power supplies in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Stop Switches (183 suppliers)

Emergency stop switches are devices that users manipulate to initiate the complete shutdown of a machine, system, or process.

Foot Switches (170 suppliers)

Foot switches are switches that are activated by a pedal or air bulb (bellows).

Industrial Keypads (212 suppliers)

Industrial keypads are data input devices meant to control equipment in industrial settings, often by the use of characters and symbols allocated to 20 keys or less.

Keylock Switches (170 suppliers)

Keylock switches are activated by a key that is turned in a circle and can stop in a range of positions.

LCD Switches and LED Switches (21 suppliers)

LCD switches and LED switches contain an integrated liquid crystal display (LCD) or light emitting diodes (LED) that show text and graphics. They can be programmed to perform specific functions and provide choices for the selected operation.

Limit Switches (455 suppliers)

Limit switches are electromechanical or solid state devices that require the physical contact of an object with the switch’s actuator to make the contacts change state.

Linear Limit Switches (169 suppliers)

Linear limit switches are electromechanical devices that require physical contact between a target object and switch activator to make the contacts change state.

Logic Signal Switches (23 suppliers)

Logic signal switches are electronic devices which activate or deactivate a signal once an event has occurred.

Mechanical Safety Interlock Switches (118 suppliers)

Mechanical safety interlock switches couple a moveable guard door with the power source of the hazard. When the guard door is opened, the power is isolated, ensuring that the machine does not pose a hazard while an operator requires access.

Membrane Switch and Keypad Services (217 suppliers)

Suppliers of membrane switches and keypad assemblies using flexible membranes, domed or flat switch profiles, and tactile and non-tactile switches and panels.

Noncontact Safety Interlock Switches (84 suppliers)

Noncontact safety interlock switches couple a moveable guard door with the power source of the hazard. For noncontact actuating interlock switches, the guard door is linked to the control circuit contacts via a magnetic or electronic field.

Pushbutton Switches (665 suppliers)

Pushbutton switches are mechanical switches defined by the method used to activate the switch. The activation method is typically in the form of a plunger that is pushed down to open or close the switch.

Pushwheel Switches (65 suppliers)

Pushwheel switches are rotary switches that operate using a rolling wheel. They are also known as thumbwheel switches.

Reed Switches (137 suppliers)

Reed switches are magnetically actuated switches. They are typically manufactured with two ferromagnetic reeds (contact blades), which are sealed in a glass capsule. In the presence of a magnet, the blades (contacts) close. 

Rocker Switches (348 suppliers)

Rocker switches are actuated by a standard or dual rocker or paddle.

Rotary Coded DIP Switches (64 suppliers)

Rotary coded dual in-line package (DIP) switches are activated by a rotating shaft and have several stop positions. They use the DIP form factor so that arrays of multiple switches can be incorporated into a single package.

Rotary Limit Switches (145 suppliers)

Rotary limit switches use physically-actuated levers to rotate a shaft and operate the contacts in a switch, making them change state. Most products feature a rugged design and are suitable for factory and/or industrial applications; however, because these switches contain mechanical parts, they wear over time. Typically, rotary limit switches are slower than noncontact, electrical devices such as proximity sensors and photoelectric sensors.

Rotary Switches (374 suppliers)

Rotary switches move in a circle and can stop in several positions. There are two basic styles: single-deck and multi-deck.

Safety Sensor Switches (102 suppliers)

Safety sensor switches are placed in enclosures to prevent accidental contact with live electrical connections.

Slide Switches (202 suppliers)

Slide switches are mechanical switches defined by their method of activation. The switch is a slider that moves (slides) from position to position. 

Snap Action Switches (158 suppliers)

Snap action switches are mechanical switches that produce a very rapid transfer of contacts from one position to another. They are useful in situations that require a fast opening or closing of a circuit, such as a mouse button or appliance setting.

Switch Sealing Boots (48 suppliers)

Switch sealing boots protect switches from contaminants such as dirt, dust, gas, and liquids. They are generally tough, pliable silicone rubber devices for toggle, pushbutton, rocker, and rotary switches.

Thermal Switches and Thermal Protectors (594 suppliers)

Thermostats and thermal switches are electro-mechanical on/off switches that are activated by temperature changes. They are typically used to control heating and cooling systems.

Toggle Switches (387 suppliers)

Toggle switches are actuated by moving a lever back and forth to open or close an electrical circuit.

Touch Switches and Tactile Switches (182 suppliers)

Touch switches and tactile switches operate by touching or pressing to make a connection. Touch switches are touch-operated devices that do not have moving parts. Tactile switches are electromechanical and provide tactile feedback.

Touchless Switches (7 suppliers)

Touchless switches are electrical switches that operate by non-contact sensors to make a connection.


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