Paste / Mastic Sealers and Seal Coatings Datasheets

Chemical Damp Proofing Systems -- Tri-Cream
from Triton Systems

A unique silicone emulsion cream for injection into brickwork etc. for the control of rising dampness. Tri-Cream can be used in all types of masonry without the use of high pressure equipment. The cream is delivered by hand pressure from a simple displacement pump and injector lance into a series of... [See More]

  • Form: Paste / Mastic
  • Substrate: Concrete
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Film Drying
  • Coating Material: Blend of Silanes and Siloxanes
Thurmalox® -- 2655
from Dampney Company, Inc.

Outstanding thermal stability, retains permanent flexibility [See More]

  • Form: Paste / Mastic
  • Substrate: Ceramic; Glass; Metallic; Plastic
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Reactive or Moisture Cured
  • Coating Material: Resin; Rubber; Silicone
Green E-Z Patch Stick -- 7-1677S
from DuPont Performance Coatings

Polyamide based thermoplastic repair material Nap-Gard ® 7-1677S “E-Z ” stick is used quickly to repair small holidays of the Nap-Gard ® fusion bonded epoxy coatings. This polymeric material is provided in “Stick ” form and is hot melted onto the area needing repair. [See More]

  • Form: Paste / Mastic
  • Coating Material: Epoxy; Resin
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Thermoset
  • Thickness: 0.5906