Blade Type Fuses Datasheets

Fuse Links
from ABB Electrification Products

Rated Breaking Capacity: 2000 VA. DIN-type, HRC-fuse link range. ABB offers a full range of DIN-type HRC-fuse links from 2 to 1600 Amperes, 500 V and 690 V. High performance and reliability. Fuses have very high limiting capability, clearing faults rapidly at different voltage and short circuit... [See More]

  • Fuse Type: Blade
  • Rated Voltage: 690
  • Mounting: Replaceable
  • Rated Current: 1600
Cylinder with Bolt Tabs for Semiconductor Protection -- 100C22x58SC-1B
from Altech Corp.

Bolt tab cylinder fuses are typically used for protecting semiconductors like diodes, SCR ’s, etc. They are current limiting, super fast blow fuses in the gR operating class. They are available in two diameters with multiple fixing centers. The fuses have a porcelain body, metal caps at both... [See More]

  • Fuse Type: Blade
  • Mounting: Replaceable
  • Fuse Material: Ceramic
  • Rated Voltage: 660
Electrical, Specialty Fuses -- 059-0117-ND [059-0117 from Eaton Corporation]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Fuse Type: Blade
  • Rated Voltage: 440
  • Mounting: Bolt Mount
  • Rated Current: 3
ATM-10 [ATM-10 from Cooper Bussmann, Inc.]
from Heilind Electronics, Inc.

Color coded plastic housing for easy identification of fuse ratings [See More]

  • Fuse Type: Miniature; Automotive; Blade
  • Mounting: In-line Fuse Holder
  • Fuse Material: Zinc
  • Rated Voltage: 32
from Littelfuse, Inc.

Aftermarket - 297 Series - MINI ® Fast-Acting Automotive Blade Fuse Smart Glow Assrtment Packs [See More]

  • Fuse Type: Blade
Low Voltage UL/CSA Fuses: A2D-R - Class RK1 - Time-Delay -- A2D100R
from Mersen

Amp-Trap 2000 SmartSpot time-delay A2D-R fuses provide IEC Type 2 "no damage" protection to existing mains, feeders, and branch circuits serving motor and non-motor loads. A2D-R fuses will open fast enough under extreme fault conditions for maximum short circuit protection to prevent damage to motor... [See More]

  • Fuse Type: Blade
  • Rated Current: 600
  • Rated Voltage: 250
  • Approvals / Standards: UL; CSA
Dual Element Time-Delay Fuses -- ECNR/ECSR/LENRK/LESRK Fuses
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

•. True Dual - Element Spring - Trigger Construction Allows Sizing of 125% FLA for Motor Backup Protection. •. Superior Overload and Cycling Capabilities. •. Extremely Current Limiting; Provides Superior Short Circuit Component Protection [See More]

  • Fuse Type: Blade
  • Rated Voltage: 600
  • Mounting: Replaceable
  • Rated Current: 600
FUSE 110AMP 600V ONE TIME BLADE -- 16110
from Radwell International


  • Fuse Type: Blade
  • Rated Current: 110
  • Rated Voltage: 600
2193564 [0299030.TXN from Littelfuse, Inc.]
from RS Components, Ltd.

The MAXI series from littelfuse fuse uses Diffusion Pill Technology to provide predictable time delay and low heat dissipation. Designed specifically for automotive applications to SAE J1888. Voltage rating of 32Vdc. Maxifuse temp. range: -40 °C â †' +125 °C. Current Rating =... [See More]

  • Fuse Type: Automotive; Blade
  • Rated Voltage: 32
  • Fuse Material: Plastic
  • Rated Current: 30
Fuse;Automotive;Fast Acting;10A;Blade;32VAC/VDC;Socket;MINI -- 70184065 [MIN 10 from Littelfuse, Inc.]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

Mini ® Brand Fuses, 32 VAC ⁄VDC Voltage Rating. Features silver plated blades and Littelfuse designed industry standard color coding to indicate amp rating. Voltage rating is 32 VAC ⁄VDC fast-acting. Patented and introduced in 1989 by Littelfuse to meet the OEM need to protect a... [See More]

  • Fuse Type: Automotive; Blade
  • Rated Voltage: 32
  • Mounting: Socket
  • Rated Current: 10

LENRK dual element time-delay fuse, Class RK1, 100A, 250VAC, knife blade, 1.10 inches x 5.88 inches, 5 fuses per pack [See More]

  • Fuse Type: Blade
  • Rated Current: 100
  • Rated Voltage: 250
  • Features: Time Lag
Axial Leaded PTC -- AN120
from Excel Cell Electronic USA Corp.

Overcurrent circuit protection, low profile, solid state [See More]

  • Fuse Type: Blade
  • Mounting: Solderable (with leads)
  • Fuse Material: Epoxy
  • Rated Voltage: 15
FUSE, HRC, 10A -- 97K6662 [NSD10A from Cooper Bussmann, Inc.]
from Newark / element14

FUSE, HRC, 10A; Voltage Rating VAC:550V; Fuse Current:10A; HRC Fuse Case Style:Blade Tag [See More]

  • Fuse Type: Blade
  • Rated Current: 10
  • Rated Voltage: 550
  • Approvals / Standards: RoHS
Photovoltaic Fuses -- gPV Curve (1 to 600 A)

SOCOMEC gPV fuses protect the installation against the inverse over-currents which could occur in photovoltaic installations. Advantages High breaking capacity. Up to 50 kA at 1000 VDC, 30 kA at 1500 VDC. Product dedicated to PV applications. Operating ranges adjusted for small overcurrents specific... [See More]

  • Fuse Type: Blade (optional feature)
  • Rated Voltage: 1500
  • Mounting: Replaceable
  • Rated Current: 1