Coaxial Cable Connectors Single Phase Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

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Powerstar UPS -- PS502-650g Shipboard UPS/ Powerstrip
from Powerstar UPS Inc.

Power strip/ Shipboard UPS with the worlds lowest cost delta power UPS battery backup PS 502-650va high-temp Long Life (8-10 year) batteries available. Dual pole breaker protects both hot and neutral. High impact plastic case in a brick shaped unit. 2.56x 3.72x 5.95" Plug in your PC via USB and it... [See More]

  • Outlet Options: Additional Electrical Outlets (Not Backed Up); RJ Type Connectors; Coaxial Cable Connectors; NEMA 5-15
  • Volt-Amp Rating: 0.2000 to 0.6500
  • Technology: Line-interactive
  • Watt Rating: 0.0100 to 0.3900
Residential UnInterruptable Power Supplies -- Eaton 5S
from Eaton | Power Quality

The small, compact Eaton 5S UPS delivers backup power for desktop PCs and workstations. The Eco-Control capability of this small UPS enables you save up to 30 percent in energy consumption. You can also enhance your power protection and safeguard your data when you pair it with the Eaton UPS... [See More]

  • Outlet Options: RJ Type Connectors; Coaxial Cable Connectors
  • Volt-Amp Rating: 0.5500 to 1.5
  • Technology: Off-line (Standby)
  • Watt Rating: 0.3300 to 0.9000