Surge Three Phase Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Datasheets

Marine UnInterruptable Power Supplies -- Eaton 9390 Marine
from Eaton | Power Quality

Double-conversion online technology with power ratings 60-160kVA, three-phase input and output, small foot print, patented Hot Sync parallel capability up to four redundant systems, ABM technology to extend battery service life, wide communication options. [See More]

  • Protection: Transient; Power Failure; Short Circuit; Surge; Voltage Sags; Under Voltage; Unbalanced Loads
  • Volt-Amp Rating: 40 to 160
  • Technology: On-line (Double-conversion)
  • Voltage: 220/380; 230/400, 240/415 Volts
Power Quality -- LP 31 Series 8-20 kVA
from GE Digital Energy

GE Digital Energy ’s LP31T Series is a true VFI (Voltage and Frequency Independent) on line, double conversion transformer-based UPS incorporating the most advanced power electronics technology and engineered to provide the highest level of protection for all critical loads from all utility... [See More]

  • Protection: Lightning; Surge
  • Volt-Amp Rating: 8 to 20
  • Technology: On-line (Double-conversion)
  • Watt Rating: 2.4 to 30
On-Line Uninterruptible Power System -- IHT1500RM-M
from IntelliPower, Inc.

IntelliPower develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of high performance to low cost Military UPS, Industrial UPS and Commercial UPS using our advanced technology On Line Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) providing the Ultimate in Power Protection for wide ranging applications. IntelliPower... [See More]

  • Protection: Lightning; Transient; Power Failure; Surge; Voltage Sags; Under Voltage; Noise, Freq Changes, Harmonics.
  • Volt-Amp Rating: 1.5
  • Technology: On-line (Double-conversion)
  • Watt Rating: 1.05
Rack and Floor Mount UPS -- ProUPS Industrial
from LTI Power Systems, Inc.

The LTI Power Systems ProUPS line of True Online UPS has proven. to be the most versatile power protection option for small-office to. industrial applications. Utilizing total input to output isolation, the LTI Power Systems'. Double Conversion True On-Line UPS first converts the. contaminated... [See More]

  • Protection: Lightning; Surge
  • Volt-Amp Rating: 10 to 300
  • Technology: On-line (Double-conversion)
  • Wires: 3-Wire (optional feature); 4-Wire (optional feature)
Series I Uninterruptible Power Supplies -- 1000 VA UPS
from Mesta Electronics, Inc.

Features and Benefits. Output power range of 500VA to 1250VA. Universally compatible to phase-lock with any generator. System can be locally or remotely monitored. Electronic short circuit and current limiting protection of system. M.T.B.F. of all Mesta equipment is over 200,000 hours. Overload... [See More]

  • Protection: Lightning; Short Circuit; Surge; Current Limiting
  • Volt-Amp Rating: 1
  • Technology: On-line (Double-conversion)
  • Voltage: 120
2033A Series
from Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.

Design: 3-Phase, On-Line Double Conversion Topology. Power Rating: 30, 50, 75kVA. Voltage Input: 208V Output: 208V/120V. Design Features: * IGBT(Converter/Inverter). * Low Audible Noise. * Internal Maintenance Bypass Switch. * Conformally Coated Printed Circuit Boards. * Advanced Touch Screen... [See More]

  • Protection: Surge
  • Volt-Amp Rating: 30 to 50
  • Technology: On-line (Double-conversion)
  • Wires: 3-Wire
UPS Three/Single Phase -- MASTERYS IP+ RAIL OLI

Key Benefits. • Full Range 20-120 kVA. • IP Protection Degree: IP31 standard. • High Efficiency. • Coated Electronic Boards. • External Manual Bypass. • Low Smoke Zero Halogen option. Socomec ’s IP+ Rail (OLI) offers increased energy availability: the system can... [See More]

  • Protection: Transient; Power Failure; Surge; Voltage Sags
  • Volt-Amp Rating: 20 to 120
  • Technology: Line-interactive
  • Voltage: 230(220/240 configurable )
Sag Fighter™
from Utility Systems Technologies, Inc.

The Sag Fighter ™ is a specific type of power conditioner used for protection against deep voltage sags: deep voltage drops typically lasting less than a few seconds. For those applications where it is unnecessary or too expensive to use a UPS, the Sag Fighter ™ offers solid, reliable... [See More]

  • Protection: Transient; Short Circuit; Surge; Voltage Sags
  • Volt-Amp Rating: 20 to 1500
  • Technology: On-line (Double-conversion)
  • 3-Phase Configuration: Wye