UL Three Phase Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Datasheets

Flywheel UPS -- CleanSource® HD675 UPS (675 kW - 4.725 MW)
from Active Power, Inc.

CleanSource HD 
 UPS is the ideal solution to solve the power problems of larger mission critical facilities. CleanSource UPS can provide up to 40% lower total cost of ownership, is 12 times less likely to fail, and improves sustainability by 90 percent. WHY CLEANSOURCE XT UPS?. 40% TCO... [See More]

  • Standards / Compliance: UL; C-UL List
  • Volt-Amp Rating: 750
  • Technology: Rotary
  • Watt Rating: 675
Scalable UnInterruptable Power Supplies -- Eaton BladeUPS
from Eaton | Power Quality

The Eaton BladeUPS is a revolutionary power quality solution that is scalable and modular. BladeUPS expands power protection from 12 to 60 kW in a single 19-inch rack while reducing energy and cooling costs. Eaton also offers BladeUPS Preassembled Systems, the same great product, just simplified. [See More]

  • Standards / Compliance: FCC; UL; C-UL List; CE,NOM
  • Protection: Transient; Power Failure; Short Circuit; Surge; Voltage Sags; Under Voltage; Unbalanced Loads
  • Technology: On-line (Double-conversion)
  • Volt-Amp Rating: 12 to 60
3-phase 3-wire Uninterruptible Power System -- UPS7000HX-T3U
from Fuji Electric Corp. of America

Fuji Electric ’s UPS7000HX-T3U Series includes 300, 400, and 500kVA 480V 3-phase 3-wire transformer-less Uninterruptible Power Systems best suited for medium-to-large applications such as data centers and other critical facilities. [See More]

  • Standards / Compliance: UL; UL 1778 5th Edition, CSA 22.2 107.3
  • Volt-Amp Rating: 300 to 500
  • Technology: On-line (Double-conversion)
  • Watt Rating: 300 to 500
Power Quality -- LP 33 Series 10-60 kVA
from GE Digital Energy

GE Digital Energy's LP33 Series UPS is a robust, high performance UPS system that provides power protection for a wide range of mission critical applications. LP33 Series unit operates in double conversion mode with true continuous on-line VFI (voltage and frequency independent) operation. To... [See More]

  • Standards / Compliance: FCC; UL; IOS 9001
  • Protection: Lightning; Surge
  • Technology: On-line (Double-conversion)
  • Volt-Amp Rating: 10 to 60
Three Phase Inverter -- AC Inverter System WDW 3000
from GUTOR Electronic LLC

The important components of the AC inverter system are the inverter and static switching modules, a manual bypass switch, transformers, a controller and human-machine interface (i.e. a control unit with display). [See More]

  • Standards / Compliance: UL; IEC 62040-3
  • Volt-Amp Rating: 10 to 220
  • Technology: On-line (Double-conversion)
  • Interfaces: Serial; Ethernet
Rack and Floor Mount UPS -- ProUPS Industrial
from LTI Power Systems, Inc.

The LTI Power Systems ProUPS line of True Online UPS has proven. to be the most versatile power protection option for small-office to. industrial applications. Utilizing total input to output isolation, the LTI Power Systems'. Double Conversion True On-Line UPS first converts the. contaminated... [See More]

  • Standards / Compliance: FCC; UL; ANSI
  • Protection: Lightning; Surge
  • Technology: On-line (Double-conversion)
  • Volt-Amp Rating: 10 to 300
Sag Fighter™
from Utility Systems Technologies, Inc.

The Sag Fighter ™ is a specific type of power conditioner used for protection against deep voltage sags: deep voltage drops typically lasting less than a few seconds. For those applications where it is unnecessary or too expensive to use a UPS, the Sag Fighter ™ offers solid, reliable... [See More]

  • Standards / Compliance: UL; C-UL List
  • Protection: Transient; Short Circuit; Surge; Voltage Sags
  • Technology: On-line (Double-conversion)
  • Volt-Amp Rating: 20 to 1500