S 8mm Timing Belts (metric) Datasheets

Arc Tooth Industrial Rubber Synchronous Belt
from Hangzhou Chinabase Machinery Co., Ltd.

All specification and types of timing belt can be produced;so do other specification and types. of timing belt not listed in this table. For particular specification belt,we can make according to the clients' supplying drawing or. sample after negotiation. Timing belts' width can be adjusted as... [See More]

  • Metric Pitch: HTD 3mm; HTD 5mm; HTD 8mm; HTD 14mm; HTD 20mm; S 2mm; S 3mm; S 4.5mm; S 5mm; S 8mm; S 14mm; RP2M, RP3M, RP5M, RP8M, RP14M
Synchro-Link® High Performance STS Timing Belts (HPS) - Neoprene (Metric) (HPS5M, HPS8M, HPS14M)
from Bando American, Inc.

Anticipating the demand for energy savings and higher horsepower transmission, BANDO developed our High Performance STS (HPSTS) belt, utilizing our time-proven technology and experience. High durometer oil and heat resistant, static conductive synthetic rubber protects against tooth deformation,... [See More]

  • Metric Pitch: S 5mm; S 8mm; S 14mm
  • Number of Teeth: 45 to 358
  • Belt Width: 10 to 120
  • Belt Material: Neoprene
Metric Series Timing Belts -- Poly Chain® GT® Series
from F.N. Sheppard & Co.

Positive drive, perfect synchronization, no slippage, less maintenance [See More]

  • Metric Pitch: S 2mm (optional feature); S 3mm (optional feature); S 4.5mm (optional feature); S 5mm (optional feature); S 8mm (optional feature); S 14mm (optional feature); 8MGT, 14MGT
  • Number of Teeth: 31 to 560
  • Belt Width: 9 to 125
  • Belt Material: Urethane
Open End Belt - Type S8M -- HTBO-S8M150-2500

Specify max length and teeth, polyurethane body, steel cord reinforcement [See More]

  • Metric Pitch: S 8mm
  • Belt Length: 20000
  • Belt Width: 15
  • Number of Teeth: 2500