Capacitive Linear Position Sensor Linear Position Sensors

Capacitive NAMUR sensor -- KG5079
from ifm electronic gmbh

For applications in hazardous areas. Easy setting of the sensing range via potentiometer. Clearly visible indication of the switching status. For position detection or level monitoring. Direct connection to plant control without switching amplifier [See More]

  • Sensor Technology: Capacitive Linear Position Sensor
  • Operating Temperature: -4 to 140
  • Measurement Range: 0.3150
  • Power Requirements: DC Powered
capaNCDT 0n-Contact Displacement Sensor -- CS005 - DT6500
from Micro-Epsilon Group

The capaNCDT 6500 is a capacitive 0n-contact displacement sensor system for applications in production plants, test equipment, laboratory and quality assurance of different processes. [See More]

  • Sensor Technology: Capacitive Linear Position Sensor
  • Linearity: 0.0500
  • Measurement Range: 0.0020
  • Operating Temperature: -60 to 400
Capacitive Sensor -- D-015 / D-050 / D-100
from PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

For applications requiring highest precision. Measurement range to 1000 µm. Resolution to 0.01 nm. Linearity error to 0.01 % with digital controller. Bandwidth to 10 kHz. Servo controller E-509.CxA, compatible with E-500 piezo controller system. Custom designs [See More]

  • Sensor Technology: Capacitive Linear Position Sensor
  • Linearity: 0.0100
  • Measurement Range: 5.91E-4 to 0.0118
  • Operating Temperature: -4 to 176
Magnetostrictive linear position sensors
from Balluff, Inc.

Linear position sensors with a profile design are contact-free and absolute measurement systems for the precise detection of one or more positions. They deliver convincing performance in harsh environments, for example in presses, injection molding machines or gantry robots, because they are made of... [See More]

  • Sensor Technology: Capacitive Linear Position Sensor; Linear Encoder
Compact Driver Multi-Channel Capacitive Displacement Sensor
from Lion Precision

The Compact Driver offers up to six channels of precise capacitive displacement sensing in a small space. A great OEM solution for noncontact linear position sensors for machine designers and production line equipment. Available with a variety of probe shapes, sizes, and measurement ranges. Vacuum... [See More]

  • Sensor Technology: Capacitive Linear Position Sensor
  • Linearity: 0.4000
  • Measurement Range: 0.0020 to 0.1000
  • Operating Temperature: 40 to 120
2800 Series Capacitive Probe -- 2803
from MicroSense, LLC

2800 Series Probes. Many sensor heads, or probes, are available for use with our 4800 series and 8800 series capacitive position sensor. The resolution of our capacitive position sensors is determined by a combination of the active sensing area of the probe, the measurement range, and the... [See More]

  • Sensor Technology: Capacitive Linear Position Sensor
  • Linearity: 0.0250
  • Measurement Range: 8.00E-4 to 0.0080
  • Operating Temperature: 41 to 122
Accumeasure D High Precision Capacitance Measurement Sensor -- DIGITAL D100 QUAD
from MTI Instruments Inc.

The Accumeasure D capacitance displacement sensor series amplifier is a truly new revolutionary design that uses the latest technology to convert a highly reliable capacitive electric field measurement (displacement) directly into a highly precise 24 bit digital reading to accurately measure... [See More]

  • Sensor Technology: Capacitive Linear Position Sensor
  • Sampling Frequency: 5
  • Measurement Range: 0.0 to 0.4921
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 104