Creep / Stress Relaxation Mechanical Testing Equipment Datasheets

Package Seal Strength/Burst Testers -- TME BT Integra-Pack
from TM Electronics, Inc.

TME's New Intelligent Package Test System Burst, Creep, Creep-to-Failure, and Leak Integrity Tests. The smart TME BT Integra-Pack © is a bench-top, high-resolution (0.001 psig) test instrument with a small footprint and user-friendly ease of operation. Electronic pressure and flow controls... [See More]

  • Mechanical Test: Creep; Hydrostatic or Burst
  • Display / User Interface: Video
  • Pressure: 0.1813 to 50.04
MTS 3000
from HBM

Hole-drilling method for determining residual stress [See More]

  • Mechanical Test: Creep; Residual Stress
  • Display / User Interface: Video (optional feature); Computer Interface
Dynamic and Fatigue Testing Systems
from Instron®

Instron offers an extensive range of fully-integrated dynamic and fatigue testing systems from 1000 N up to 5000 kN. Incorporating servohydraulic, servo-electric and linear motor technologies, these test instruments cover a broad range of fatigue, dynamic, and static testing applications. These... [See More]

  • Mechanical Test: Creep; Ductility; Fatigue; Shear or Torsion; Flexure or Bending; Universal; Friction or Wear
  • Display / User Interface: Digital; Computer Interface; Application Software
  • Force / Load: 225 to 1.12E6
Surface Property Analyzer -- Heidon 24
from Kett US

Originally developed for the paint industry, a load is applied to a test piece and then removed. The probe displacement is measured to a 10um resolution by an optical displacement sensor. Repeated loadings (up to 999,999 cycles) allow the user to assess viscoelastic fatigue. Textile or leather... [See More]

  • Mechanical Test: Creep; Fatigue; Texture Analysis
  • Display / User Interface: Digital
Electromechanical Testing System -- Insight™
from MTS Systems Corporation

MTS Insight systems are deployed worldwide for materials research, product development and to help guarantee quality in production processes. The MTS Insight testing solution integrates a complete selection of reliable EM frame hardware, best-in-class TestWorks software and a full offering of test... [See More]

  • Mechanical Test: Adhesion; Compression; Creep; Fatigue; Shear or Torsion; Tensile; Flexure or Bending; Universal
  • Stroke / Travel: 29.5 to 39.5
  • Force / Load: 225 to 450
  • Speed: 3.94E-5 to 59.06
Determination of Refractoriness Under Load (RUL) and Creep in Compression (CIC) of Refractory Ceramics: RUL/CIC 421
from NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH

RUL/CIC 421 - Apparatus for Determining Refractoriness Under Load. Refractoriness under load (RUL, according to ISO 1893) is a measure of the deformation behavior of refractory ceramic products subjected to a constant load and increasing temperature. The temperature range in which the softening... [See More]

  • Mechanical Test: Creep; Refractoriness Under Load (RUL), Creep in Compression (CIC)
  • Temperature: ? to 3092
  • Force / Load: 0.2248 to 225
  • Display / User Interface: Computer Interface; Application Software
Creep Test Machines Kappa-Series -- LA
from Zwick USA

Creep Test Machines Kappa-Series. High precision, versatile usable and therefore cost effective creep testers: High stiffness, precision and durability by 4 columns design. High quality components like the testing software testXpert ® II and measurement and control electronics testControl. [See More]

  • Mechanical Test: Compression; Creep; Tensile; Flexure or Bending
  • Stroke / Travel: 5.9
  • Force / Load: 11240 to 22480
  • Display / User Interface: Computer Interface