Flexure / Bending Mechanical Testing Equipment Datasheets

Digital Bending Resistance/Stiffness Tester -- 4171
from Gurley Precision Instruments

All Genuine GurleyTM bending resistance/stiffness testers are based on the same physical principle. each instrument consists of a balanced pendulum or pointer which is center-pivoted and can be weighted at three points below its center. The pointer moves freely in both left and right directions on... [See More]

  • Mechanical Test: Flexure or Bending
  • Accuracy / Other : Thicknesses up to 0.25"
Surface Testing - Cupping Tester for Coating Flexibility -- PCE-CPT 20
from PCE Instruments / PCE Americas Inc.

For coating flexibility and adhesion testing in accordance with ISO 1520 [See More]

  • Mechanical Test: Adhesion; Flexure or Bending
High Capacity Hydraulic Floor Universal Testing Machine SHFM Series -- SHFM-1000kN
from United Testing Systems, Inc.

Universal testing machines for today ’s high capacity applications require sturdy load frames along with computer data acquisition and control capabilities. The fully-accessorized UNITED SHFM Series Testers include a complement of support hardware and accessories to immediately commence... [See More]

  • Mechanical Test: Compression; Shear or Torsion; Tensile; Flexure or Bending
  • Stroke / Travel: 9.8
  • Force / Load: 224800
  • Speed: 3.94
eXpert Single Column UTM -- eXpert 4501
from ADMET, Inc.

Rigid frame, top acting actuator, detachable electronics [See More]

  • Mechanical Test: Compression; Tensile; Flexure or Bending; Universal; Bend Tests
  • Stroke / Travel: ? to 12.0
  • Force / Load: ? to 225
  • Speed: ? to 25
Digital Force Tester -- CS1100
from Ametek Test & Calibration Instruments

The CHATILLON® CS1100 Series digital force tester is a revolutionary system optimized for production testing applications, including medical devices, plastics, packaging, textiles, rubber and electronics to name a few. No personal computer is required; no proprietary software is required; no... [See More]

  • Mechanical Test: Compression; Shear or Torsion; Tensile; Flexure or Bending; Advanced Multi-stage Testing
  • Stroke / Travel: 31.5
  • Force / Load: 1124
  • Speed: 1.00E-3 to 40
Automated Univeral Testing Systems
from Instron®

Instron TestMaster ™ 2 Automated Testing Systems enable a new dimension of testing productivity. These systems were designed as a solution to these common testing challenges: Safety. Throughput. Repetitive Tasks/Better Use of Skilled Operators. Variability of Results. Available as either a... [See More]

  • Mechanical Test: Compression; Ductility; Tensile; Flexure or Bending; Tear Test
  • Display / User Interface: Digital; Computer Interface; Application Software
  • Force / Load: 112 to 56200
Tensile Test System -- MultiTest 1-i
from Mecmesin Corporation

The MultiTest 1-i provides a powerful and comprehensive tensile testing system for force measurements up to 1kN. With full programming capability and a large selection of analysis options, through the power of Emperor ™ software, the MultiTest 1-i offers unparalleled tensile test versatility. [See More]

  • Mechanical Test: Compression; Shear or Torsion; Tensile; Flexure or Bending; Universal
  • Stroke / Travel: 45.6
  • Force / Load: 0.4496 to 225
  • Speed: 0.0400 to 39.4
Aerospace Testing -- Servohydraulic Test System
from MTS Systems Corporation

Cutting-edge MTS servohydraulic technology. Newly designed load frames feature extremely stiff and lightweight crossheads with high natural frequencies, along with precision-mounted columns for consistently tight alignment. Fatigue-rated MTS actuators employ best-in-class MTS load cells, supported... [See More]

  • Mechanical Test: Compression; Fatigue; Tensile; Flexure or Bending; Universal; Fracture
Universal Testing Machines -- AG-Xplus Series
from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

Features. Short Test Cycle Time Selecting a 5 kN max. HS table-top type with a 3300 mm/min return speed and 3000 mm/min crosshead speed reduces the test cycle time for specimens that stretch, such as rubber. Short-column Type (Model SC) Added Ideal for the compression testing of small parts, such as... [See More]

  • Mechanical Test: Adhesion; Compression; Ductility; Tensile; Flexure or Bending; Universal
  • Stroke / Travel: 27.6 to 45.3
  • Force / Load: 225 to 67440
  • Speed: 1.97E-5 to 130
Creep Test Machines Kappa-Series -- DS
from Zwick USA

Creep Test Machines Kappa-Series. High precision, versatile usable and therefore cost effective creep testers: High stiffness, precision and durability by 4 columns design. High quality components like the testing software testXpert ® II and measurement and control electronics testControl. [See More]

  • Mechanical Test: Compression; Creep; Tensile; Flexure or Bending
  • Stroke / Travel: 49.2
  • Force / Load: 11240 to 56200
  • Speed: 3.94