Torque Calibration Instruments Datasheets

Torque Calibration -- TruCheck 43226
from Advanced Torque Products, LLC

The TruCheck is for click type torque wrenches and comes with a single measurement unit, lbf ·ft. There is only one button on the device and that is to zero the display. Operation is simplicity itself and it is virtually impossible to go wrong!. TruCheck has an accuracy of +/-1% of reading... [See More]

  • Physical Properties: Torque
  • User Interface: Digital Front Panel
  • Calibrator Style: Fixed
  • Display: Digital Readouts
Transducer Simulator -- Ranger 5
from Cooper Instruments & Systems

The model Ranger 5 is an inexpensive and easy to operate instrument for use in testing, troubleshooting and calibrating strain gage instruments and systems. It features a switchable vernier control for obtaining exact instrument readings while adjusting setpoints and overrange blanking. The Ranger 5... [See More]

  • Physical Properties: Force/ Load; Torque
  • Environmental Properties: Pressure / Vacuum
  • Calibrator Style: Fixed
  • Electrical Properties: Power
Digital Precision Measuring Amplifier -- DMP40
from HBM

The DMP40 is especially suitable for high precision comparative measurements of mechanical quantities such as force, mass, torque and pressure. One example of this is the measurements performed by the National Metrological Organisations like the PTB (German Metrology Institute). In this field of... [See More]

  • Physical Properties: Force/ Load; Torque
  • Calibration Signal: AC Voltage
  • Calibrator Style: Portable
  • AC Voltage Range: 115 to 230
ET-cal II Compact Torque Calibration Analysers -- 035270
from MHH Engineering Co. Ltd.

Key Benefits: The ET-cal II Compact Analysers are a portable battery or mains powered torque tester for small hand and power tools, ideal for Calibration Laboratories and Production lines. Designed to test torque in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. Features a large display and built in... [See More]

  • Physical Properties: Torque
  • Display: Digital Readouts
Dead Weight Test
from Mountz, Inc.

Calibrated Dead Weight are the official means by which torque analyzers and torque sensors are calibrated and are traced to National or International Standards, such as N.I.S.T, ISO and others. Many industries like as medical, aerospace, nuclear and others continuously calibrate their measuring... [See More]

  • Physical Properties: Torque
  • User Interface: Computer Interface
  • Calibrator Style: Fixed
  • Display: Video Display Terminal
Calibration Beam -- 21420
from Norbar Torque Tools, Inc.

Designed to remove potential sources of measurement error, these beams can be used to calibrate Norbar torque transducers, and torque transducers from other manufacturers (where design permits), as well as mechanical test devices. UKAS length certification is provided with each beam. Note: A... [See More]

  • Physical Properties: Torque
  • Calibrator Style: Portable
4-20mA Portable Calibrator -- Model 420
from OTEK Corporation

OTEK's New Model 420 wasdeveloped by popular demand fora LOW COST, no frills field calibratorfor any device requiring thepopular 4-20mA current loop signal.The 420 comes in a compact4 1/2 X 2 1/2 X 3/4" housing withbelt clip for servicemen. "NOHANDS" are required to operatethe 420 once you press the... [See More]

  • Physical Properties: Acceleration/ Vibration; Acoustic (Microphones); Displacement/ Position; Force/ Load; Torque
  • Calibration Signal: DC Current
  • Calibrator Style: Handheld
  • DC Current Range: 1.00E-3
Torque Tester Calibration Equipment
from Sturtevant Richmont

Torque Tester Calibration Equipment. Applications and Types. Just as there is a need to calibrate the torque wrenches and power tools, there is a need to calibrate the testers used to calibrate them. And when calibrating the testers, accuracy and precision in every aspect of the equipment is needed. [See More]

  • Physical Properties: Torque
  • Calibrator Style: Fixed