Alumina Thermocouple Elements

Cerite-III Thermocouple -- K39G-15-25-12-36 Series
from Pyromation, Inc.

Cerite ® III thermocouples are provided with a protection tube, integral thermocouple element with 36" of high temperature 704 ºC [1300 °F] fiberglass leads, and a 1/2" NPT steel male face bushing for use in mounting. They are constructed by casting a phosphate bonded refractory... [See More]

  • Insulation / Sheath Material: Alumina; Magnesium Oxide
  • Length: 12
  • Thermocouple Type: K
  • Style: Other (optional feature)
Base Metal Thermocouple Element -- TEBA
from Durex Industries

Heavy-duty industrial applications require heavy-duty temperature sensors. Base metal protection tube thermocouple assemblies manufactured by Durex Industries are the most common answer to this problem. These units feature large 8 gauge or 14 gauge thermocouple elements of type J or type K with... [See More]

  • Insulation / Sheath Material: Alumina; Ceramic; Base Metal
  • Length: 3 to 15
  • Thermocouple Type: E (optional feature); J (optional feature); K (optional feature); T (optional feature)
  • Gauge: 8; 14; 20; 6, 12
Straight Noble Metal Thermocouple Elements -- C-3
from Acrolab Ltd.

Noble metal thermocouple elements are designed as replacem ent elements for use in high temperature protection tube assem blies. Various calibrations, gauges, insulator styles and juncti ons are available. [See More]

  • Insulation / Sheath Material: Alumina
  • Gauge: 24; 26
  • Thermocouple Type: B; S; R
Thermocouple -- High Temperature Heat Treating
from Watlow®

Watlow provides more than 80 years of manufacturing, research and quality for your temperature sensing needs. A tremendous stock of general application, mineral insulated, base and noble metal thermocouples are available. Hundreds of thermocouples are available as part of our Rapid Ship sensor... [See More]

  • Insulation / Sheath Material: Alumina
  • Style: Full Length 2-hole Insulator
  • Thermocouple Type: J; K; T
Noble Metal Thermocouple Element -- TDPT
from Durex Industries

Platinum thermocouples, most commonly ANSI types R, S, and B, are precious metal elements (noble metals) that are used primarily in high temperature applications. The platinum thermocouples provide long, stable service where standard base metal thermocouple calibrations are inadequate. Since pricing... [See More]

  • Insulation / Sheath Material: Alumina; Mullite
  • Length: 3 to 15
  • Thermocouple Type: B; S; R
  • Style: Full Length 2-hole Insulator; Flexible Style (Angled)