Base Plate Tooling Plates and Columns

Quick-Change Pallet Subplate -- CL-MF00-0841
from Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.

FEATURES: These subplates are the foundation of our new quick-change tooling system. Fixtures can be assembled off of the machine tool, then quickly mounted on a pallet subplate, with excellent locating repeatability. The same subplate excepts modular tooling plates, blank tooling plates for... [See More]

  • Plate / Block Type: Base Plate
  • Length: 15.2
  • Width / Diameter: 15.2
  • Height: 1.57
American Standard Mold Base -- Edge Mold Base Series
from DME Company

Edge Mold Base In-Stock Features. A-Plate, B-Plate and Support plates supplied with D-M-E #3 steel. Pry slots installed on both sides of "B" plate. Lift holes installed. Return pins installed 0.125 inboard to allow for spring pockets. Leader pin vents machined in the housing under the bushing... [See More]

  • Plate / Block Type: Base Plate; Platen / Mold Plate
  • Length: 7.88 to 23.5
  • Width / Diameter: 7.88 to 15.88
  • Height: 7.38 to 14.38
XAC110 Load Plate -- MCP01159
from FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.

Load Plate, #4-40 Thread, Aluminum Material, Max Load 5 lb [See More]

  • Plate / Block Type: Base Plate
  • Material: Aluminum