Lubricants Metalworking Fluid Filters Datasheets

Adsorbent Hilite-E Ion Exchange Cartridges -- ET Series
from Hilliard Corporation (The)

Hilite-E Ion Exchange Cartridge line is based on the existing filled cartridges. Instead of an activated adsorbent, the cartridge canister is filled with a dust-free ion exchange resin specifically selected for acid reduction. Life between changeouts can be many times greater than activated... [See More]

  • Filtration Product: Lubricants; Oil
  • Filter Medium Material: Ion Exchange
  • Application / Industry: Electronics; Industrial Engine; Hydrocarbon
Activated Carbon Block Filter for Reducing Chlorine and Organic Chemicals -- MicroSentry® SCB Series
from Shelco Filters - Division of Tinny Corp.

Sintered carbon filter performs dual function role as activated carbon filter and 5 micron nominal sediment filter. Acid washed carbon provides high adsorptive capacity and efficiency for reducing chlorine taste and odors and organic chemicals. No Release of Carbon Fines. Continuous lengths from 9... [See More]

  • Filtration Product: Coolant; HydraulicFluid; Lubricants
  • Filtration Grade: 5.00
  • Maximum Pressure: 250
  • Maximum Temperature: 125
Low Pressure Spin-On Filter Head -- P561131 [P561131 from Donaldson - Compressed Air & Gas Filtration Division]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

Low Pressure Hydraulic Head Assembly for LPS04 Series; 3/4 NPT Port; NoIndicator; 25 psi Bypass Pressure; 30 gal/min Max Flow; 150 psi WorkingPressure [See More]

  • Filtration Product: Lubricants
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 30.0
  • Maximum Pressure: 150
  • Port Description: 1/8" NPT
High Pressure Filter
from Bijur Delimon International

Application. FR20 Reversing Valves operate in conjunction with two pressure switches, alternating lubricant flow through DC41 end-of-line systems so that lubricant is directed first to one set of Dualine valve inlet ports and then the other, on succeeding system cycles. Features. Each coil has a... [See More]

  • Filtration Product: Lubricants
  • Maximum Pressure: 300
  • Type: WireMesh
  • Filtration Grade: 3.00 to 25.00
R Series Resin Bonded Filter Cartridge
from ISC Sales, Inc.

The Shelco R Series Resin Bonded Filter Cartridge has excellent dirt holding capacity and long service life. The ability to control the glass fiber also gives us excellent efficiencies and flow rates. Offered in a broad range of microns .5 to 125 micron and lengths ranging from 9.75" to 40". Each... [See More]

  • Filtration Product: Coolant; Lubricants; Oil; Coatings, Solvents and Thinners, Fuels, Photoresists, and Insecticides
  • Filtration Grade: 0.50 to 125.00
  • Type: cartridge
  • Maximum Temperature: 150 to 300
MFR - Magnetic Filter
from KOBOLD Instruments, Inc.

KOBOLD MFR Series magnetic filters are used extensively in cooling and lubricating circuits. This magnetic filter provides protection from ferritic particles that have either precipitated out of solution or, in the case of machining applications, have been carried away from the milling operation. [See More]

  • Filtration Product: Coolant; Lubricants
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 10.0 to 160.0
  • Maximum Pressure: 230
  • Maximum Temperature: 425
Carbflex™ Series -- OAC-20BB
from Pentair Industrial

The Carbflex ™ Series OAC-20BB Oil Absorbing Filter Cartridge is made from modified cellulose-based filter media to chemically bond with hydrocarbons and other pollutants. [See More]

  • Filtration Product: Coolant; Lubricants; Oil
  • Application / Industry: Industrial Engine; Hydrocarbon; Repair or Machine Shops Car/Truck Washes
  • Element Size: 4.5" Dia. X 20.1" lg.
  • Filter Medium Material: Bonded Carbon; Cellulose
Bag-Sized Cartridges -- PL-PE-35-P1
from Rosedale Products, Inc.

Single layer microfiber material, excellent for polishing applications [See More]

  • Filtration Product: Lubricants; Oil
  • Maximum Temperature: 225
  • Type: WireMesh
  • Element Size: 7.0625" Diameter x 11.125" Long