Hydraulic Fluid Metalworking Fluid Filters Datasheets

Adsorbent HT Hilite™ Filter Cartridges -- HT Series
from Hilliard Corporation (The)

Hilite ™ Fullers ’ Earth Cartridges feature a high-grade calcined fullers' earth media which is superior because of its greater water resistance. They provide a combination of neutralization and adsorption to remove acids, gums and other oxidation products to restore TAN and color. [See More]

  • Filtration Product: HydraulicFluid; Lubricants; Oil; Synthetic Fluids
  • Filtration Grade: 1.00
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 0.4 to 2.0
  • Maximum Temperature: 250
FILTER CARTRIDGE 2-1/2IN X 9-3/4IN 4PSI 5GPM -- C1 [C1 from AMETEK, Inc.]
from Radwell International


  • Filtration Product: HydraulicFluid
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 5.0
  • Maximum Pressure: 4
from RS Components, Ltd.

Replacement filter elements for the Parker Hannifin range of high pressure hydraulic filters. These elements are designed for use in filters that have been designed to operate in industrial and mobile hydraulic systems. They will protect hydraulic components from particulate contamination. [See More]

  • Filtration Product: HydraulicFluid
  • Filtration Grade: 3.00
  • Maximum Pressure: 6005
Activated Carbon Block Filter for Reducing Chlorine and Organic Chemicals -- MicroSentry® SCB Series
from Shelco Filters - Division of Tinny Corp.

Sintered carbon filter performs dual function role as activated carbon filter and 5 micron nominal sediment filter. Acid washed carbon provides high adsorptive capacity and efficiency for reducing chlorine taste and odors and organic chemicals. No Release of Carbon Fines. Continuous lengths from 9... [See More]

  • Filtration Product: Coolant; HydraulicFluid; Lubricants
  • Filtration Grade: 5.00
  • Maximum Pressure: 250
  • Maximum Temperature: 125
Cartridge Filter -- VF Series
from Thermon Manufacturing Co.

VF - Aviation and Petroleum Cartridge Filter Housing. CCI Thermal Technologies Product Line- 3L Filters ™. The VF Series Cartridge Filter Housing for aviation and petroleum applications uses specific pleated or depth media cartridges to remove particles as small as 0.5 micron from hydrocarbon... [See More]

  • Filtration Product: Coolant; HydraulicFluid; Oil
  • Maximum Pressure: 150
  • Type: cartridge
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 4050.0
High Flow Filter Assembly -- K080051 [K080051 from Donaldson - Compressed Air & Gas Filtration Division]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

In-tank filter asmbly, service indicator, w/P176222 element, 25 psi by-pass [See More]

  • Filtration Product: HydraulicFluid; Oil
  • Maximum Pressure: 350
  • Type: cartridge
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 300.0
from Eaton Hydraulics Group

Hydraulic and Lubrication Oil Filters. Eaton offers a selection of 4000 different filter elements and housings to meet your needs. Fluid power is a reliable and repeatable form of power and motion control. When problems are encountered, 80% of the time they are related to inadequate contamination... [See More]

  • Filtration Product: HydraulicFluid
Spark Free Filters
from Fluitec International

Electrostatic Spark Discharge is a growing problem for lubricants. Why do we see this problem on the rise?. Today's advanced equipment designs are pushing lubricants with higher velocity than ever before. With a focus on cleanliness, oils are squeezing through tighter filtration. And today's... [See More]

  • Filtration Product: HydraulicFluid
  • Application / Industry: Power Generation
Fuel Dispenser Filter -- AVW405010SF
from H2O Control Products, Inc.

4 ” x 5 ” Filter 10 micron 1 3/8 ” – 12 thrd [See More]

  • Filtration Product: HydraulicFluid
  • Application / Industry: Industrial Engine
  • Filtration Grade: 10.00
  • Additional Features: Water Absorption
Stainless Steel Filter Cartridges
from ISC Sales, Inc.

Shelco Stainless Steel Filter Cartridges are the perfect choice for your high temperature applications up to 500 ºF and high differential pressures up to 60 PSI. Constructed out of 304L or 316L stainless steel producing excellent product compatibility. The SS series has a broad choice of gasket... [See More]

  • Filtration Product: HydraulicFluid; Plating Solutions, Photo Solutions, and Magnetic Coatings
  • Filtration Grade: 2.00 to 840.00
  • Type: cartridge
  • Maximum Temperature: 500
LyPore® Unity Liquid/Gas and Liquid/Liquid Coalescing Media Grade -- 9103
from Lydall Filtration/Separation, Inc.

Lypore ® Unity Liquid/Gas and Liquid/Liquid Coalescing media grades are optimized for efficient separation of water from liquids or oil mist and water from air streams All grades are constructed with the proven technology of borosilicate microfiberglass that offers the highest level of... [See More]

  • Filtration Product: Coolant; HydraulicFluid; Refrigerants
  • Application / Industry: Hydrocarbon; Refrigerants, Compressed Air, Automotive CCV
  • Filtration Grade: 6.50
  • Filter Medium Material: Glass Fiber
High Pressure Cup-type Line Filter -- 65CF4H-30
from MAXPRO Technologies, Inc.

MAXIMATOR cup-type line filters are used when maximum filtration surface area and a single micron size element is preferred. This design increases the filter area as much as 6 times the area of the disc type filter, and will permit higher flow rates with a lower pressure drop, and longer intervals... [See More]

  • Filtration Product: HydraulicFluid
  • Filtration Grade: 30.00
  • Maximum Pressure: 65000
  • Maximum Temperature: 660
Air Preparation
from MFP Automation Engineering

MFP supplies Parker air preparation equipment for hydraulic and pneumatic applications. [See More]

  • Filtration Product: HydraulicFluid
Liquid Filter Bag -- Model 44-12
from Pentair Industrial

Economical filtration for a wide array of applications. Highly controlled manufacturing procedures ensure consistent quality and no contamination. The unique bag designs provide added strength and avoid risk of bypass. Our filter bags will fit all industry-standard bag housings. [See More]

  • Filtration Product: Coolant; HydraulicFluid; Lubricants; Oil
  • Filtration Grade: 1.00 to 1500.00
  • Type: Bag
  • Maximum Temperature: 450
10.7" Long 10 Micron Cellulose Hydraulic Filter Eleme.. -- 8155335
from Princess Auto Limited

10.7 " Long 10 Micron Cellulose Hydraulic Filter Element [See More]

  • Filtration Product: HydraulicFluid
  • Filter Medium Material: Cellulose
  • Filtration Grade: 10.00
Beta Bags® -- BB-1-1-SS
from Rosedale Products, Inc.

Filter bags for fine filtration requirements [See More]

  • Filtration Product: HydraulicFluid; Lubricants; Oil
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 80.0
  • Type: Bag
  • Filtration Grade: 1.00
from SOLBERG Manufacturing, Inc.

Industrial, compact silencer [See More]

  • Filtration Product: HydraulicFluid
  • Maximum Temperature: 220
  • Filtration Grade: ? to 2.00
  • Element Size: 2.75" x 2.5"
Micron Inline Filter - SIF Series
from Superlok - Mako Products

Features. ■ Remove system particulate contaminants. ■ Inline filters are for use where space is limited. ■ Replaceable filter element. ■ Maximum operating pressure : 3000 psi @ 70 (21 ). ■ Operating temperature range : -20 to 900 (-28 to 482 ) with SS316 body. ■... [See More]

  • Filtration Product: HydraulicFluid
  • Maximum Pressure: 1360 to 3000
  • Type: cartridge
  • Maximum Temperature: -20 to 900
World Pressure Filters WPF Series -- WPF1
from Western Integrated Technologies

WIT employs filtration experts that can help you find the filter that's right for your needs. WIT can cross many non-Parker filter part numbers over to form/fit/function Parker filter replacements. Thanks to our Parker filter build program, we stock many filtration options. [See More]

  • Filtration Product: HydraulicFluid
  • Maximum Pressure: 7000
  • Type: WireMesh
  • Maximum Temperature: 250