Release Liners Information

Release liners are materials with specialized non-stick coatings for adhesive tape, sealant, composite handling, dispensing and processing applications.  Release liners allow a double stick tape or transfer adhesive film to rolled or unrolled. Without a release lining system, double stick tape or transfer adhesive film could not be unwound and dispensed from a roll. Release liners are also useful in handling sheet molding compounds, sealants, labels, adhesive medical products (bandages, wound covering, electrodes, etc.) and graphics (signage, POS advertising, etc.)


There are many options to be considered when choosing release liners including type, strength, width, thickness, and length. Release liner and film type selection depends on the application and include paper, film, board, clay-coated, fluoropolymer, glassine, silicone coated, poly coated, wax coated, and speciality liners and films.  Release liners and films also have the option of being differentially coated, which applies a different coating on each liner and varies the degree of release. 


Strength is a major consideration for release liners because it must be able to withstand repeated die cutting without breaking or tearing. Liners and films must also have a good release value. Without a good release, die cutting will not work and the label will not dispense properly. 


Additional features for release liners include anti-static or ESD control, chemical resistance, moisture or vapor barrier, pre-printed with text or labeling, low transfer or extractability, sealable or controlled COF options, stretch film or wrap, transparency, and UV or weather resistance. Other features for release liners may also be available.