Frequency Vibration Measurement Instruments and Vibration Analyzers Datasheets

Vibration Monitoring Sensor -- VSE002
from ifm efector inc.

Diagnostic electronics for vibration sensors, Plastic housing, Combicon connection, Switching output, Analog output [See More]

  • Signal Inputs: Current; Frequency; Digital
  • Frequency Range: 0.0 to 10000
  • Displacement Range: 0.0 to 5
  • Number Channels: 4
Economical Vibration Meter -- HHVB82
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

All industrial machinery vibrates. Monitoring the level of vibration is a useful guide to a machine ’s condition. Poor balance, worn bearings, misalignments, and loose fittings in the structure will increase levels of vibration. By monitoring vibration levels, you can determine when machinery... [See More]

  • Signal Inputs: Frequency
  • Frequency Range: 10 to 1000
  • Acceleration: 20.39
  • Accuracy: 5.00
Vibration Meter -- VM22/24/25
from Scantek, Inc.

Machine condition monitoring to ISO 10816-1/-6 etc. Evaluation of roller bearing condition to VDI 3832 etc. (VM24 and VM25). Graphical trend display. Frequency analysis (VM25). Non-contact rotation speed measurement with laser pointer (VM25). Infrared temperature sensor (VM25). Electronic... [See More]

  • Signal Inputs: Frequency
  • Form Factor: Handheld
  • Device Type: Instrument / Meter
Low Cost Vibration Meter -- TPI 9080
from Test Products International, Inc. - TPI

The TPI 9080 is a simple, easy to use, low cost vibration meter that records, analyzes and displays vibration signals at the push of a button. Identify the vibration problem: unbalance, misalignment or looseness; in addition to the bearing condition. VibTrend standard software gives you greater ease... [See More]

  • Signal Inputs: Frequency; Serial
  • Frequency Range: 2 to 1000
  • Acceleration: -60 to 60
  • Device Type: Instrument / Meter
Vibration Monitor for Accelerometer -- Model SM6100-*01*-***1-010
from Metrix Instrument Co.

Low cost protection system, setpoint test feature, optional display [See More]

  • Signal Inputs: Voltage; Current; Frequency
  • Number Channels: 1
  • Frequency Range: 2 to 3000
  • Device Type: Instrument / Meter

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