Networkable Tachometers Datasheets

32-Channel Analog Recording System -- System 2321
from DSPCon, Inc.

32 channels of 16-bit Sigma Delta A/D, storage capacity of 750 Gbytes [See More]

  • Interface / Control: Digital Front Panel; Computer Programmable; Networkable
  • Sensor Technology: Contact Type (Roller)
  • Tachometer Type: Instrument / Sensor Package
  • Form Factor: Benchtop
from Modal Shop, Inc. (The)

LaserTach ™. Laser Tachometer. The LaserTach ™ ICP ® tachometer senses the speed of rotating equipment and outputs an analog voltage signal for referencing vibration signals to shaft speed. The sensor allows for measurements in excess of 30,000 RPM from distances as far as 20 inches... [See More]

  • Interface / Control: Networkable
  • Tachometer Type: Speed Sensor Only
  • Operating Speed: 30000
  • Sensor Technology: Non Contact (Photoelectric (Optical, Infrared))