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serial interfaces selection guide      serial interfaces selection guide     serial interfaces selection guide

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Serial interfaces are ports which allow connections to and communication with serial devices. Serial interfaces include a broad range of serial communications products, including personal computer (PC) ports, serial adapters, and serial boards.

serial interfaces selection guide

Two USB ports with a USB connector. Image credit: Tech Blue


General Specifications

For information about an interface's serial protocol, network options, connectors, and form factor, please visit the Serial Adapters Selection Guide on GlobalSpec.


Interface Features

Serial interfaces may include one or several special features.

  • Interfaces with direct memory access (DMA) can bypass a computer's processor and communicate directly with its random access memory (RAM). This results in higher data transfer rates and reduced processor power.
  • Military interfaces conform with a specified military standard.
  • ESD protected devices have built in features to protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD), which can interfere with communication signals and damage hardware.
  • Plug and play interfaces attempt to auto-configure upon bootup.

  • Some interfaces feature indicators to signal power or transmission status.



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