Kneader Industrial Mixers Datasheets

Continuous Operation Kneading Machine - CONTERA HKC 6/2.0
from IKA Works, Inc.

The CONTERNA is a continuous operation multi-chamber kneading machine patented throughout the world. The standard version comprises 6 horizontal chambers arranged in series, each powered by a frequency controlled AC motor. All 6 chambers are arranged together in a block. Liquid and solid components... [See More]

  • Mixer Type: Kneader
  • Feed Rate (volumetric): 1004
  • Media Type: Solid with Liquid Addition
  • Operating Condition: Continuous / In-Line
Planetary Mixers
from Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc.

CMC/Inoue Double Planetary Mixers are the ideal choice for the mixing and kneading of viscous pastes or for gently blending shear sensitive formulations or for drying and granulating powders. A slow-speed, high-torque approach to material handling, the Double Planetary Mixer offers the capability to... [See More]

  • Mixer Type: Kneader (optional feature); Planetary
  • Operating Condition: Batch
  • Media Type: Liquids (optional feature); Solid with Liquid Addition (optional feature); Liquid with Suspended Solids (optional feature); Powder or Granular (optional feature)
  • Mounting: Benchtop (optional feature); Stand (optional feature)
Double Arm Mixer - 1400 Liter Mixer -- 1193
from Jaygo, Inc.

Supplied for the manufacture of Hot Melt Adhesives. Mixing and Extrusion of High-Viscosity Products. Jaygo ’s new Double Arm Mixers and Mixer Extruders are robust, heavy-duty mixing machines designed for the production of high and very high viscosity products from 1,000,000 to 10,000,000... [See More]

  • Mixer Type: Kneader
  • Viscosity Range: 1.00E6 to 1.00E7
  • Media Type: Liquids
  • Capacity (volumetric): 49.44