I-V Measurements Automated Test Equipment Datasheets

Interpro 9000 ATE System
from Intepro Systems

Intepro 9000 is the next generation power supply test. system from Intepro. It is fast, accurate and will cut. your test times dramatically. The modular system has. a high degree of flexibility and is capable of being. configured into highly economic systems for advanced. power electronic test. [See More]

  • Features: I-V; PowerStar 5 Software
  • Component / Product Tested: Power Supplies or Transformers
  • Type / Form: Platform or Turnkey System; Load Bank or Electronic Load; CAD Interface, Database, Test Program Generator or Other Test Software
  • Tester / Test Capability: Functional
V1000 Lifetest System
from TELOPS, Inc.

This vestal platform supports a variety of laser diodes, LEDs and SOAs. The V1000 is a true turnkey solution with everything you need for production burn-in or qualification/ongoing reliability and life testing. [See More]

  • Features: Burn-In or Temperature Control; I-V; Temperature Control / Oven
  • Component / Product Tested: Semiconductors or Active Components
  • Type / Form: Module, Sub-system or ATE Component; Output Measurement or Monitoring Unit
  • Tester / Test Capability: Life or Endurance Test; Functional