Source Module / Unit Automated Test Equipment Datasheets

Semiconductor ThermoChuck® Sytem - 200mm -- TP03000
from Thermonics Corp., an inTEST Company

For the testing, cycling and characterization of wafers and other flat devices at precise temperature. Temperature Range: -65 ° to +200 °C. Chuck Diameters: Available in 6 inch (154 mm) and 8 inch (203 mm) diameters to accommodate wafers up to 200mm in diameter. Chuck Surfaces: Choice of... [See More]

  • Type / Form: Module, Sub-system or ATE Component; Input Stimulus or Signal Source Unit
  • Tester / Test Capability: Thermal Stability, Wafer Testing
  • Component / Product Tested: Semiconductors or Active Components
  • Features: Temperature Control / Oven
Full Automatic Compressor Performance Testing Equipment
from CHINO Works America Inc.

The equipment is a full automatic compressor performance testing equipment for measurement of refrigerating capacity of compressors for vehicle-installed air-conditioners. [See More]

  • Type / Form: Platform or Turnkey System; Output Measurement or Monitoring Unit; Input Stimulus or Signal Source Unit; Fixture / Interface
  • Tester / Test Capability: Functional
  • Component / Product Tested: Compressor
  • Features: Temperature Control / Oven; OCR Measurement
Modular Scanner -- SC6540
from Ikonix USA

The SC6540 modular scanner is designed to automate multi-point and multi-product testing when using OMNIA, HypotULTRA III, or HypotMAX models 7700 and 7704. There are 10 different configurations available that are built off of two basic scanning configurations determined by the power module. A... [See More]

  • Type / Form: Module, Sub-system or ATE Component; Input Stimulus or Signal Source Unit; Monitors Hypot Test Equipment
  • Interface: IEEE-488 (GPIB) and RS-2332 interfaces
  • Component / Product Tested: Monitors Hypot Equipment
  • Features: Configurable Scanning Matrix