Pour Point Property Testing Equipment Datasheets

FT4 Powder Rheometer
from Freeman Technology Ltd.

The FT4 Powder RheometerĀ® was designed with one purpose in mind - to characterise the rheology, or flow properties, of powders. This remains a primary function today, but the instrument, accessories and methodologies have been continuously developed to the point where the FT4 is now considered a... [See More]

  • Properties Analyzed: Pour Point; Processability / Plasticity; Flowability / Workability
  • Test Media: Powders
  • Methods, Technology & Standards: Powder Rheometer
  • Mounting / Loading Options: Benchtop or Laboratory
Melt Flow Testers
from InstronĀ®

Instron ®'s CEAST Melt Flow Testers are specifically designed for easy and accurate measuring of the Melt Flow Rate (MFR) and the Melt Volume Rate (MVR). CEAST Melt Flow Testers range from systems that perform a simple manual test procedure to semi-automated testing systems performing multiple... [See More]

  • Properties Analyzed: Pour Point; Texture Analysis; Melt Flow Index (MFI); Processability / Plasticity
  • Display & Special Features: Digital; PC Interface / Networkable; SPC Software or Capability
  • Test Media: Polymers/Organics