Tray Power MOSFET

1200V, 204A, Half bridge, Silicon-carbide (SiC) Power Module -- BSM180D12P2C101
from ROHM Semiconductor GmbH

Half bridge module consisting of ROHM SiC-DMOSFETs. [See More]

  • Packing Method: Tray
  • IDSS: 204000
  • V(BR)DSS: 1200
  • PD: 1.36E6
SiC Power Module -- BSM080D12P2C008
from ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC

BSM080D12P2C008 is a half bridge module consisting of SiC-DMOS and SiC SBD. [See More]

  • Packing Method: Tray
  • V(BR)DSS: 1200
  • Transistor Technology / Material: SiC
  • IDSS: 80000
from Universal Semiconductor, Inc.

Self-Aligning Silicon Gate Sturcture. Low Transfer Capacitance - 0.2 pF typ. Low Input Capacitance - 2.4 pF typ. Low Output Capacitance - 1.3 pF typ. Low Gate Threadhold Voltage - 0.6V typ. [See More]

  • Packing Method: Tray
  • Operating Mode: Enhancement
  • Polarity: N-Channel
  • Type: LDMOSFET