General Purpose (PN Junction Diodes) Diode Arrays Datasheets

1026153 [STTH100W06CW from STMicroelectronics, Inc.]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Turbo 2 Ultrafast Diode 600V 100A TO-247 - Discrete Semiconductors - Switching Diodes [See More]

  • Diode Type: General Purpose
  • Diode Applications: Switching
  • Arrangement: Common Catode
  • VR: 600
400V 300A Std. Recovery Diode in a DO-205AB (DO-9)package -- 70079059 [300U40A from Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

Features: Alloy Diode. Popular Series for Rough Service. Stud Cathode and Stud Anode Version. RoHS Compliant. Designed and Qualified for Industrial Level. Applications: Welders. Power Supplies. Motor Controls. Battery Chargers. General Industrial Current Rectification [See More]

  • Diode Type: General Purpose
  • Diode Applications: Rectifier
  • Arrangement: Common Catode
  • VF: 1.4
1080099 [DSI 2 X 55-12A from Zilog]
from Farnell Europe

DIODE, STANDARD, 2X56A, 1200V [See More]

  • Diode Type: General Purpose; Standard Recovery
  • IF: 56000
  • VF: 1.2
  • Tj: -40 to 150
Diode Array -- 217/C,B
from Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc.

DTL silicon planar epitaxial monolithic integrated circuits for digital systems. [See More]

  • Diode Type: General Purpose
  • Package: Dual Inline / Flat Pack
  • Tj: -55 to 125
  • Pin Count: 14
Low Leakage Signal Switching Diode -- BAS21A
from PANJIT SemiConductor

Low series resistance, low capacitance, available in ultra small packages [See More]

  • Diode Type: General Purpose
  • Diode Applications: Switching; Low Leakage
  • Arrangement: Common Anode
  • Life Cycle Stage: Maturity