24V DC Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Datasheets

CompactLogix 0.5MB DI/O Controller -- 1769-L18ER-BB1B
from Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation

Class 2 Power Supply, 24 VDC Only, Up to 8 Modules Expanison, POINT BusBackplane, 16 DI (Sink), 16 DO (Source), 2 Ethernet Port (DLR), SupportClass 1, 3 Network Comms, 8 TCP Connections, 0.5MB Internal, 1GB SD CardInbox [See More]

  • Power: 24VDC
  • Output: DC Output
  • Input: DC Input
  • Mounting Options: DIN Rail
Programmable Logic Controller -- AH500 Series
from Delta Electronics (Americas)

Highly integrated software ISPSoft: Graphical Interface with 5 programming languages. Enhanced flexibility: Max. 100m between 2 local extension racks. Improved maintainability: Hot-swapping function keeps the system running [See More]

  • Power: 24VDC; 115VAC; 230VAC; 100 - 240 VAC
  • Inputs: 0
  • Total Points: 4352
  • Outputs: 0
Cam Positioners -- H8PS-16B-ND [H8PS-16B from OMRON Automation and Safety]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Power: 24VDC
  • Mounting Options: Panel Mount
Open Network WAGO Product -- SANTEST 750-635 Controller
from Exsenco, LLC

SANTEST's 750-635 is a module for detecting the magnets on GY probe.Associating with WAGO's BUS couplers, CC-Link, DeviceNet, ProfibusDP, CANopen, Modbus and Ethernet are available.One BUS unit can be assoiated with several pcs of 750-635 module [See More]

  • Power: 24VDC
  • Input: Probe
  • Total Points: 4
  • Programming Options: Computer Programmable
CECX-X-C1 Controller -- 553852
from Festo Corporation

Controller CECX-X-C1 for controlling electric drive units (PLC). Corrosion resistance classification CRC=0, Authorisation=c UL us - Listed (OL), Materials note=(* Contains PWIS substances, * Conforms to RoHS), Operating voltage=19,2 - 30 VDC, Output voltage/power=(* Max. power consumption 69 W, *... [See More]

  • Power: 24VDC
  • Baud Rate: 115000
  • Computer Interface Options: Single Serial Interface; Multiple Serial Interface
  • Network Options: CANbus; Foundation Fieldbus
Compact Programmable Logic Controller -- FX3G
from Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

The FX3G is an introductory compact PLC and is the newest addition to the FX3 series, designed for simple yet performance-critical applications. Incorporating innovative FX3 series technology the customer is presented with a suite of benefits. Features: • 3rd Generation Compact PLC. •... [See More]

  • Power: 24VDC; 115VAC; 230VAC
  • Inputs: 36
  • Total Points: 60
  • Outputs: 24
ELC Programmable Logic Controllers -- ELC-PLC Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The Eaton Logic Controller (ELC) is Eaton Cutler-Hammer's latest offering into the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) market. Less than half the size of a typical brick PLC, the ELC is a micro-PLC with features previously found only in larger, much more expensive rack-mount PLCs: Built-in digital... [See More]

  • Power: 24VDC
  • Inputs: 8
  • Total Points: 14
  • Outputs: 6
from RS Components, Ltd.

The tiny STG-570 CAN is a highly integrated programmable logic controller providing outstanding graphical programming capability at lowest current consumption and small form factor. The CAN bus allows the user to connect a variety of network components to the Mini-PLC, for example: displays, stepper... [See More]

  • Power: 12VDC; 24VDC; 7 - 32 V dc
  • Outputs: 5
  • Inputs: 5
  • Input: Analog Input; Analogue, Digital
Pluto Safety PLC Programmable Controller -- Pluto A20

Pluto is an All-Supervisor System in which the inputs and other information are shared via the databus. Several safety sensors can be connected to one input while still achieving the highest level of safety. There are also combined inputs and outputs that can be used, for example, for lamp push... [See More]

  • Power: 24VDC
  • Expandable: Expandable
  • Total Points: 20
  • Input: Analog Input
Automation Control; Relay 2 A/pt, 5 A (Max.)/Common; 19.6 to 26.4 VDC; 6; 4 -- 70036080 [FP0-C10RS-A from Panasonic]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

Automation Control, 19.6 VDC to 26.4 VDC Voltage Input, Use with CPU (Computer). Relay 2 A ⁄pt, 5 A (Max.) ⁄common. Tr. source 0.1 A ⁄pt, 1.6 A (Max.) ⁄common. Tr. sink 0.1 A ⁄pt, 1.6 A (Max.) ⁄common. 6 to 16 number of inputs, 4 to 16 number of outputs. [See More]

  • Power: 24VDC
  • Outputs: 4
  • Inputs: 6
  • Input: Analog Input
10 DC INPUT/8 DC OUTPUT 10-30VDC P/S -- F1-130DD-D
from Automationdirect.com

DL105 CPU, 10 DC in / 8 DC out, requires external 12-24 VDC power. 2.4K words total (2048 words ladder - EEPROM, 384 words V-memory) RLL/RLLPLUS programming, built-in RS232C programming port. Inputs: 10 DC inputs, 12-24 VDC current sinking/sourcing, 3 isolated commons. First 4 inputs are... [See More]

  • Power: 12VDC; 24VDC
  • Outputs: 8
  • Inputs: 10
  • Input: DC Input
Protection & Control -- Multilin™ C30 Controller
from GE Digital Energy

The C30 Controller System is a programmable logic controller for performing substation or bay automation that can also be used for expanding the I/O capability of protection devices and replacing Sequence of Event (SOE) recorders. The C30 provides fast deterministic execution of programmable logic... [See More]

  • Power: 12VDC (optional feature); 24VDC (optional feature); 230VAC (optional feature); 125/250AC/DC,24-48DC
  • Inputs: 96
  • Total Points: 160
  • Outputs: 64
Industrial Machine Controllers (PLC)
from Schneider Electric

Industrial Machine Controllers (PLC). Programming software for Twido. Nano PLC with a focus on HVAC and pumping control solutions. The Modicon M258 high-performance PLC is made to control large and complex machines. Programs with SoMachine software. Uses TM5 expansion I/O. Obsolete December 2016. [See More]

  • Power: 12VDC; 24VDC
  • Inputs: 32
  • Total Points: 42
  • Outputs: 32
Controller -- ESX
from STW Technic

Designed for harsh environments, freely programmable [See More]

  • Power: 12VDC; 24VDC; 9-32 VDC
  • Inputs: 24
  • Total Points: 36
  • Outputs: 12