Water Supply Pumps Liquid Handling Pumps

Non-Electric Permeate Pump -- ERP-1000
from Watts

Maximize an RO systems efficiency by reducing the back pressure from your storage tank and allow the system's working pressure to remain consistent reducing waste water by up to 80%. [See More]

  • Pump Type: Water Supply Pump
  • Industry Served: Reverse osmosis systems
  • Power Source: NoSourceIncluded
  • Media: Water Pump
Double Suction Centrifugal Pumps
from Bell & Gossett, a xylem brand

Vertically split, multiple flange orientation pumps (Series VSX); flows to 25,000 GPM. Horizontally split pumps (Series HSC3, HSC-S, HSCS); flows to 12,500 GPM. Maintenance-Free Bearings, new One-Piece Unitized Seal, Groutless Base Plate, Alignment-Friendly Coupling. Hydraulic coverage to meet all... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Centrifugal Pump; Water Supply Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 0.000 to 28000.000
  • Discharge Pressure: 23.1 to 1384.0
  • Discharge Size: 2.000 to 14.000
Boxer 6000 Series Peristaltic Pump -- 6000.501
from Clark Solutions

6000 series peristaltic pumps are built on the unique operational principle of balancing the load on the motor and gearbox shafts. The peristaltic tubes are positioned in pairs on both sides of the rollers. The pumps are supplied with a standard of 8 or 4 rollers per channel. The 8 rollers enhance... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Peristaltic Pump; Positive Displacement Pump; Water Supply Pump
  • Discharge Size: 0.041
  • Liquid Flow: 0.002 to 0.004
  • Media Temperature: 122
Dry Pitcast Iron Wastewater, Sewage Pump -- Model DDLFU
from EBARA Fluid Handling

The model DDLFU submersible pumps are constructed of cast iron with heavy-duty motors and high-efficiency impellers that make it possible to pass slurries, sludge, sewage and large solids up to 3 1/4?. The DDLFU is suitable for various dry pit applications including industrial and municipal water... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Centrifugal Pump; Submersible Pump; Water Supply Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 80.000 to 4000.000
  • Discharge Pressure: 46.1 to 560.5
  • Discharge Size: 3.000 to 12.000
Single- or Multistage Centrifugal Pump -- UPA 200
from KSB AG

Single- or multistage centrifugal pumps in ring-section design, single entry; for vertical and depending on the number of stages horizontal installation; radial or mixed flow hydraulic systems availablewith reduced impeller diameters; driven by submersible motors. Applications: pumping clean or... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Centrifugal Pump; Positive Displacement Pump; Submersible Pump; Water Supply Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 4.447 to 96.863
  • Discharge Pressure: 826.7
  • Media Temperature: 122
Jockey Pumps -- Model PVM, PVMI, PVMX
from Pentair Engineered Solutions

Key Features. Flow series: 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 33*, 45, 64, 90, 120, 150. Flanged, NPT or grooved connections. Cartridge Mechanical Seal - can be replaced easily without dismantling the pump. Continuous-duty, best in class, high efficiency designs. Heavy-duty cast motor bracket insures proper motor... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Booster Pump; Centrifugal Pump; Fire Service Pump; Radial Flow Pump; Turbine Pump; Wastewater Treatment Pump; Water Supply Pump; Jockey Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 800.000
  • Discharge Pressure: 416.2
  • Media Temperature: 250
Close Coupled Centrifugal Pump -- F50-AB
from Price Pump Company

Compact close coupled design . Standard NEMA 56J motor . Mechanical seal: 5/8" Type 6A Buna, carbon vs. ceramic standard. [See More]

  • Pump Type: Booster Pump; Centrifugal Pump; Circulation Pump; Fire Service Pump (optional feature); Water Supply Pump; Water Treatment Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 23.000
  • Discharge Pressure: 24.0
  • Discharge Size: 0.500
Axially Split Case Pumps -- Wilo-SCP
from Wilo AG

Axially spilt case pump mounted on a baseplate. Application. Pumping heating water in accordance with VDI 2035 water/glycol mixtures, cooling/cold water and domestic hot water. Applications in municipal water supply, irrigation, building services, general industry, power stations, etc. Special... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Centrifugal Pump; Split Case Pump; Water Supply Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 74848.733
  • Discharge Pressure: ? to 256.0
  • Media Temperature: 18 to 248