Drum Pumps Liquid Handling Pumps

Heavy Duty Dry Vac™
from EXAIR Corporation

EXAIR's Heavy Duty Dry Vac attaches to an ordinary 30, 55 or 110 gallon open-top drum to turn it into a powerful, industrial duty vacuum cleaner. The Heavy Duty Dry Vac has been engineered to vacuum more dry materials in less time with less wear. Designed for tough industrial environments, the... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump
  • Pump Housing Material: Hardened Alloy
  • Power Source: Air or Pneumatic
  • Industry Served: Abrasive Tumbling Media, Shop Floors, Gravel, Saws, Sand Blasting Equipment, Punch Presses, Industrial machinery, Grinders, Machine Tool
1:1 Air Operated Drum Pump -- R-SERIES™ R100T
from Macnaught USA, Inc.

The R-SERIES ™ air operated oil pumps are the optimal heavy duty solution for medium to large workshop and mobile applications. The ideal choice for remote mounting or integration into oil systems, these air operated stub and drum pumps have been designed to provide maximum performance and... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump
  • Discharge Size: 0.750
  • Liquid Flow: 15.840
  • Power Source: Air or Pneumatic
Drum Hand Pump -- DRM595
from New Pig Corporation

Ideal for use with even the thickest oils and lubricants. Dispenses 1 quart per revolution with a maximum viscosity of 90 wt. Drain tube pushes out of the way when pumping, then springs back to channel drips into drums. Can be calibrated to pump either quarts or liters. Padlockable to prevent... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump; Hand Foot Pump
  • Pump Housing Material: Cast Iron; Plastic; Steel
  • Power Source: Manual
  • Media: Combustable, Oil
High Viscosity Drum Pump -- FPUD500 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

OMEGA FPUD500 Series high viscosity drum pumps can empty a wide variety of containers in various applications. The pump tube and motor are constructed modularly and supplied separately for maximum flexibility. Motor types available are 115 or 230 Vac, continuous duty, totally-enclosed fan-cooled... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump
  • Media Temperature: 200
  • Discharge Size: 1.500
  • HP: 1.00 to 3.00
from Radwell International


  • Pump Type: Drum Pump
Direct Drive Sealless Drum Pumps
from Robert J. Fitzmyer Co., Inc.

HIGH POWER DRUM PUMPS - For safe & fast transfer of chemicals, solvents, corrosive liquids in hazardous or non-hazardous environments. Sealless. Empties 55 gallon drums in less than 2 minutes. Self priming. High power double insulated 1150 watt motor. Easy maintenance, field repairable. One... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump
from RS Components, Ltd.

Lightweight, small and portable diesel fuel transfer pump kit, making the transfer of fuel or gas oil easy, cheap and convenient. Vane pump with bypass will suck from a drum or tank and deliver 40l/min at 12m head. Pump fitted with splashproof on/off switch and connecting cable with battery clips. [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump; Positive Displacement Pump
  • Discharge Size: 0.750
  • Liquid Flow: 10.560
  • Power Source: DC; 12 VDC
Extrusion Pump -- TS4100
from Techcon

Extrusion pump is a best tool use to feed fluid from bulk containers such as 5-gallon pail or 55-gallon drum to a dispensing valve. The TS1400 Series pumps are workhorses - able to deliver viscous adhesives, sealants, caulking and heavy lubricants to the application point at the desired pressure and... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump
  • Discharge Size: 1.000
  • Liquid Flow: 0.740 to 1.900
  • Power Source: Air or Pneumatic
Dual-Force VAC Drum Pump
from Vortec

The Dual Force Vac System is a convenient and versatile solution for liquid material handling and spill clean up. Using powerful Transvector technology, the Dual Force Vac Drum Pump can either fill or discharge a 55 gallon drum in under two minutes. It switches easily -- with a 1/4 turn of a knob --... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 33.000 to 37.000
  • Discharge Pressure: 50.0 to 100.0
  • Power Source: Air or Pneumatic
Barrel Pump -- 9035
from Bijur Delimon International

Air-operated barrel pumps are used where medium to heavy duty service conditions exist and rapid build-up of lubricating system pressure is desired in either air-operated central stations or bulk transfer of lubricants. Air-operated barrel transfer pumps are normally used to transfer lubricants from... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump
  • Discharge Size: 0.375
  • Discharge Pressure: 100.0
  • Power Source: Air or Pneumatic
BX Series -- BX Series Model 36-36
from Binks

Name: BX Series Model 36-36. Part Number: BX-36-36-xxx-xxx. Family: BX Series. Type: 2-Ball Piston Pump. Flow(GPM) @ 20c/m: 1.2 GPM. Max Output Pressure: 20 cycles per minute. Ratio: 36:1. Wetted Materials: Stainless Steel, Hard Chrome, Nylon, PTFE, UHMWPE, WC. Air In: 90 PSI (6.2 bar). Fuild In: 1"... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump; Piston Plunger Pump; Positive Displacement Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 1.200
  • Discharge Pressure: 3240.0
  • Discharge Size: 0.750
"Pump-All" hand pump, Ryton PPS, 4.5 strokes/gallon, 2" NPT(M) adapter -- GO-06434-20
from Cole-Parmer

bull; Suitable for pumping flammables and liquids with viscosities up to 2,000 SSU. • Hose drains completely to prevent siphoning. • Up to 15-ft (4.6-m) suction lift. • Lockable handle mounts either upward or downward on pump body for convenience. Use grounding wire to safely pump... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump
Air Operated Drum & Tote Pumps
from DRUM-MATES Inc.

For transferring most types of chemicals and liquids. These high efficiency pumps are constructed from the highest quality materials including C276 Hastelloy, 316 stainless steel, Teflon, Viton and 6038C carbon. They offer lower operating and maintenance costs. The pump drives will interchange with... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump
  • Media: Chemical Pump
BT Series - Drum/Barrel Pump -- Motor Model: M15
from Finish Thompson, Inc.

High Viscosity - High Head. The BT series is for high viscosity mild corrosives and flammables. Use for pumping polymers, adhesives, oils, resins, etc. Features. Sealed. Tube interchangeable with motors. Unique lifting compressor design. Stainless Steel and PTFE construction. When pumping flammables... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump
  • Power Source: AC; 230V to 460V, Three Phase
  • HP: 1.00
  • Media: Chemical Pump
Barrel and Container Pump -- F 424

Features and benefits: particularly suitable for transferring solvents and other fluids that do not glue, nor crystallize. safe dry running of the drum pump. no wear on seals inner tube and helix shaped support bearings completely self-draining - thus preventing from any mixtures of liquids being... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump
Oil Pumps
from G.L. Huyett

Rotary pumps are a common pump used for light to medium viscosity oils including diesel, kerosine, motor oil and common oils up to SAE 90. The dual direction operation of the handle on the H89100 allows the pump to either fill or empty containers. The H89200 lever style barrel pump delivers... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump; Hand Foot Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 4.760
  • Discharge Pressure: 115.0
  • Discharge Size: 0.500
Handle Barrel Pump -- BP-10 Plunger
from Great Plains Industries, Inc.

Compatible with petroleum products and other lightweight liquids [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump; Hand Foot Pump; Piston Plunger Pump; Positive Displacement Pump; Reciprocating Pump
  • Power Source: Manual
  • Discharge Size: 0.750
  • Pump Housing Material: Steel
Drum, Transfer, and Metering Pumps
from IBT Industrial Solutions

IBT Industrial Solutions can provide your business with a wide variety of industrial process pumps. This includes a wide variety of pump types and brands for many various applications and replacements. This also covers pumps, pump systems (skids) and parts. The Fluid Power group at IBT supports... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump; Metering Pump; Positive Displacement Pump; Utility Pump
Impact® 22 oz. Metal Drum Pump -- 2204
from Image Supply, Inc.

Self-priming, chrome-plated pump. Pumps 22 oz. per stroke. Fits 15, 30, & 55- gallon drum with 2 " National Pipe Thread. Silver. 42 1/2 " L x 8 " W x 1 1/2 " D. 12/cs [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump
Drum Pump System -- 200
from Mahr Inc.

MarDrum is a drum pump system developed by Mahr especially for low and medium viscous liquids. It is used for refilling automatically the buffer tanks of our meter/mix-machine MarMax. Due to the pneumatic liftstand and the use of dollies a drum change is very easy and almost no contamination occurs. [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 3.960
  • Discharge Pressure: 29.0
  • Media Temperature: 176
316L STAINLESS STEEL Reversible Drum Angel/ Drum Pump / Reversible Drum Vac -- 35001S
from Nex Flow Air Products Corp.

The 316L STAINLESS STEEL Reversible Drum Angel/ Drum Pump / Reversible Drum Vac is a maintenance free system to recover spilled liquids, coolant, sludge, tramp oil, waste water and other liquids using only compressed air. The compressed air system attaches easily to any closed head of a drum (30 or... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 30.000
  • Discharge Pressure: 80.0
  • Power Source: Air or Pneumatic
Drum Pump, 55 Gal Drum -- 118423
from PressureParts.Com

Siphon Pump. Siphon liquids from higher to lower levels. Simply pump the bellows a few times to prime and start flow. Loosen air lock to stop. Drum pump fits 15,30 & 55 gallon drums. Fit 2 " bung opening. Excellent for: Alkaline & acidic chemicals, diesel fuel, & oils. Not for use... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump
Drum Pump -- FUS MONO
from Savino Barbera Srl

Single-stage vertical centrifugal pumps with closed impeller, cantilever shaft and bushings lubricated by the liquid being pumped. Practical and handy, they allow discontinuous service and are ideal for transfering non-abrasive and non-viscous chemical products contained in drums and barrels. [See More]

  • Pump Type: Cantelever Pump; Centrifugal Pump; Drum Pump
  • Pump Housing Material: Plastic; Stainless Steel
  • Liquid Flow: 13.200 to 18.480
  • Media: Chemical Pump; Liquids
Abrasive Media Follwer Plate Pump -- A280
from Scheugenpflug, Inc.

The A280 follower plate pump, which shares the basic design of the A220, features a reliable Scheugenpflug dual-piston pump. This pump comes in contact with the material on only one side, while a barrier fluid on the reverse side prevents abrasive fillers from adhering to the seals. This gives the... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump; Piston Plunger Pump; Positive Displacement Pump; Reciprocating Pump
  • Media: Abrasive Fillers, Highly Abrasive, Paste-like Media
  • Industry Served: Adhesive Bonding and Potting Applications
Drum Pump -- Group D - Range MDF
from SEEPEX Inc.

SEEPEX metering pumps achieve a metering accuracy of ±1%. They ’re used wherever low to highly viscous media, media containing solids and chemically corrosive media are processed and all with low pulsation and to the exact drop. Key Facts. Conveying Capacity 0.2 l/h - 1,000 l/h 0.053... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Dosing Pump; Drum Pump; Immersible Pump; Metering Pump; Positive Displacement Pump; Progressing Cavity Pump; Submersible Pump; Wastewater Treatment Pump; Water Treatment Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 5.400
  • Discharge Pressure: 175.0
  • Discharge Size: 1.000
Drum Pump Batch Control Systems -- P-52-0250
from Serfilco, Ltd.

Performance: 25 gpm. Features. • Accuracy - within 0.5%. Meter employs "Teach In" calibration or preset "K factors" for various specific gravities. No more estimating or using floor scales. to properly measure corrosive chemicals. • Safety - operator does not come in contact with corrosive... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump
Ezi-action Drum Pumps -- 90030
from U.S. Plastic Corporation

High volume delivery at low pressure makes pumping chemicals safer. Double action means you get delivery on both the up, and down stroke. Two fingers on the handle is all the energy required to pump viscous fluids or harsh acid or alkali cleaning chemicals. The unique patented pumping principle... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump
Non-metallic Air Driven Diaphragm Drum Pump -- E5
from Versa-Matic Pump Co.

The E5 non-metallic product line has been enhanced to include a Drum Kit assembly and Air Filter / Regulator. The 100% assembled, E5 non-metallic Drum Pump is perfect for transferring liquids from 55-gallon drums. The incorporated Air Filter / Regulator removes moisture and airline contaminants to... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Double Diaphragm Pump; Drum Pump; Positive Displacement Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 11.000
Drum Pump Air Motor -- 16440-0000
from Xylem Applied Water Systems

Designed to fit Xylem Jabsco drum pump tubes. Do not use where flammable vapors are present. Always use a safety ground strap. [See More]

  • Pump Type: Drum Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 24.000
  • Discharge Pressure: 80.0
  • HP: 0.36