Injection Pumps Liquid Handling Pumps

Pulse Actuated Chemical Pump -- 100152
from General Pump

Pulse-actuated chemical pump with ball valve. • 303 Stainless Steel body. • EPDM diaphragm offers resilience and chemical compatibility. • Mounts to one of the drive pump inlet valve ports by using a special valve adapter. • Draws cleaning solution with each stroke of the drive... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Diaphragm Pump; Injection Pump; Positive Displacement Pump; Pulse-Actuated
  • Liquid Flow: 0.750
  • Discharge Pressure: 1500.0 to 3000.0
  • Discharge Size: 0.125
Diaphragm-Type Injector Metering Pump -- FPUDT1500 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The FPUDT1500 Series injector pumps feature a heavy-duty cartridge valve pumphead made of injection-molded polypropylene. The pump includes double-sealed PVDF cartridge valve fittings, FKM O-ring seals, ceramic ball checks, Hastelloy C valve springs, and a PTFE/EPDM diaphragm. Units with the... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Diaphragm Pump; Injection Pump; Metering Pump; Positive Displacement Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 0.006 to 0.083
  • Discharge Pressure: 70.0 to 125.0
  • Discharge Size: 0.250
BLUE WHITE 50000-888 ( INJECTION PUMP POSITIVE DISP 315ML/MIN 115VAC 45W ) [50000-888 from Blue-White Industries, Ltd.]
from Radwell International


  • Pump Type: Injection Pump; Positive Displacement Pump
Diaphragm Pump -- Hydra-Cell® D66 / G66 Series
from Wanner Engineering, Inc.

Versatile, Reliable Pumps for a Wide Range of Applications. Hydra-Cell positive displacement diaphragm pumps feature a seal-less pumping chamber so there are no seals, packing or cups to leak or replace. The seal-less design and check valves enable Hydra-Cell to handle abrasives and particulates... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Condensate Pump; Dosing Pump; Diaphragm Pump; Injection Pump; Metering Pump; Mixing Pump; Positive Displacement Pump; Wastewater Treatment Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 65.700
  • Discharge Pressure: 700.0
  • Discharge Size: 1.500
Chemical Gear Pump -- CHEM / CHEM MINI / CHEM MAGNET
from Witte Pumps & Technology GmbH

CHEM – high precision gear pump for conveying low to medium viscosity fluids. CHEM gear pump for conveying and metering of fluids with low medium viscosity. The application range goes from classic transfer and metering tasks in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries up to the conveyance of... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Dosing Pump; Gear Pump; Injection Pump; Magnetic Drive Pump; Metering Pump; Positive Displacement Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 2.000 to 20.000
  • Discharge Pressure: 1740.0
  • Media Temperature: 580
Low Volume Odorizer -- NJEX
from YZ Systems, Inc.

The NJEX low volume odorizer delivers reliability to low flow odorization applications. Its unique design delivers accuracy, reliability and odor-free performance and it eliminates the risk for "vapor locking" at even the lowest of flow rates. The system provides three levels of verification to... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Injection Pump; Metering Pump; Sampling Pump
  • Power Source: AC
  • Liquid Flow: 0.026
  • Industry Served: Energy Industry - Local Utilities, Pipeline Transmission, Truck & Rail Loading
Centrifugal Process Pumps -- Frontiera Range TGF
from ARGAL s.r.l.

MAGNETIC DRIVE SEALLESS CHEMICAL PUMP COMPLIANT TO STANDARD ISO 2858. HERMETIC PUMPS. Magnetic driven pumps are defined “hermetic ” for any rotating seal is abolished and the sole loss of liquid possible between front and rear casing is prevented by a static seal of the O ring type. [See More]

  • Pump Type: Centrifugal Pump; Dosing Pump; Injection Pump; Magnetic Drive Pump
  • Discharge Size: 1.260 to 1.969
  • Liquid Flow: 74.849 to 396.258
  • Media Temperature: -22 to 230
Pulse Pump Providing High Pressure Downstream Injection -- 6300
from Cat Pumps - High Pressure Pumps & Systems

Pulse Pumps are designed to inject harsh chemicals downstream of the pump, ensuring the pump is protected from potential damage. In order to operate properly, a metering valve and a closed-center 3-way ball valve are required. Conversion instructions to install on plunger or piston pumps can be... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Injection Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 0.250
  • Discharge Pressure: 1000.0
  • Power Source: NoSourceIncluded
Pumps: Hydraulic Intensifier Type
from Chemac Inc./Uraca/Uhde HPT/Gather/BHDT

Reciprocating High Pressure Hydraulic Pumps. Chemac represents the leading pump supplier for high-pressure pumps for the LDPE industry. Reciprocating pumps. Chemac Inc has been offering pumps since 1966 and demands the highest quality equipment and services. To date, Chemac Inc has sold a myriad of... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Hydraulic Fluid Pump; Injection Pump; Piston Plunger Pump (optional feature); Positive Displacement Pump (optional feature)
  • Media: Water Pump
Diaphragm Dosing Pumps -- DMX
from Grundfos Pumps Corporation

The Grundfos DMX range has proven its worth in dosing applications worldwide. With their robust diaphragm-based design and their high-quality motors DMX pumps require minimum maintenance and are best choice for many dosing applications. The DMX range is highly versatile: it covers a wide flow range... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Dosing Pump; Injection Pump; Wastewater Treatment Pump; Water Treatment Pump
  • Pump Housing Material: Aluminum (optional feature); Plastic (optional feature)
  • Liquid Flow: 0.002 to 17.611
  • Industry Served: Textile, Dairy, Food Processing, Pulp & Paper
from INTEGRA Biosciences AG

Designed to make the dispensing of culture media, buffers & solutions easy [See More]

  • Pump Type: Dosing Pump; Injection Pump; Peristaltic Pump; Positive Displacement Pump
  • Power Source: AC; 100V / 200V, Single Phase, 115 VAC, 230 VAC
  • Liquid Flow: 1.320
  • Pump Housing Material: Plastic
Electronic Metering Pump -- EZB11
from Iwaki America and Walchem, IWAKI America Inc

Pump Series EZ: Electronic metering pump with manual speed control (adjustable to 360 strokes per minute) [See More]

  • Pump Type: Dosing Pump; Injection Pump; Metering Pump; Positive Displacement Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 0.010
  • Discharge Pressure: 150.0
  • Discharge Size: 0.375
Koster 1C Electrical Injection Pump
from KOSTER American Corporation

KOSTER 1C Injection Pump is an electrical membrane pump for injecting the KOSTER KB-PUR ® Resins. [See More]

  • Pump Type: Injection Pump
Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps -- MMP Series
from Magnatex Pumps, Inc.

The MMP Series magnetically driven, sealless, centrifugal pumps are heavy-duty mag-drive pumps with superior SiC-X bearing materials for low flow applications. These close coupled pumps are similar in construction to the MPL/MP Series, except the shaft is stationary and the suction/discharge ports... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Centrifugal Pump; Injection Pump; Magnetic Drive Pump; Acid Transfer, Process, Transfer, Variable Speed, Sub-ANSI
  • Liquid Flow: ? to 20.000
  • Discharge Pressure: ? to 85.0
  • Discharge Size: 0.500 to 0.750
Solar-Powered Chemical Injection Pumps -- SOLAROY®
from Milton Roy

The best solar-powered metering pump under the sun. Works day and night in remote locations and harsh environments. SOLAROY solar-powered chemical injection pumps work continuously, day and night to provide reliable chemical delivery. Driven by solar energy, SOLAROY pumps offer a compact, durable... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Dosing Pump; Injection Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 0.007 to 0.039
  • Discharge Pressure: 100.0 to 5000.0
  • Industry Served: Oil & Gas
NETZSCH Transfer Injection Pump -- NTIP090-166
from NETZSCH Pumps North America, LLC

Low operating and maintenance costs, almost pulsation-free conveyance [See More]

  • Pump Type: Injection Pump; Positive Displacement Pump; Progressing Cavity Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 8700.000
  • Discharge Pressure: 3600.0
  • Power Source: NoSourceIncluded
Adapter Mount 42-552 Rotary Gear Pump -- Model A
from Scherzinger Pump Technology Inc.

The Pumps can be used: - for low to medium-viscous, particle-free liquids. - for lubricating fluids. - for light fuel oils. - for variable rotation applications via reversing feature option. - for speeds of 0 - 5,000 RPM. Frequently Handled Fluids: - Lube Oils. - Hydraulic Oils. - Emulsions. -... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Booster Pump; Dosing Pump; Gear Pump; Injection Pump; Metering Pump; Positive Displacement Pump; Self-Priming Pump
  • Industry Served: Automotive, Machine Tool, Medical, Power Generation
  • Power Source: DC
  • Media: Chemical Pump
Compact Dispensing Pumps -- A90 C
from Scheugenpflug, Inc.

The A90 C system is the right choice for providing material via standard Semco or Euro cartridges, depending on the cartridge size. The system works with compressed air, which pushes the cartridge trigger and feeds the material from the cartridge to the dispenser. At the same time, the piston of the... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Injection Pump
  • Industry Served: Adhesive Bonding and Potting Applications
  • Power Source: Air or Pneumatic
Axially Split Pumps -- Single and Multistage
from Sulzer Ltd.

Sulzer offers a wide range of double suction axially split pumps, which includes both single and multistage designs. Each product range has special design features for targeted industry applications. Applications. Crude oil pipeline. Boiler feed boosting. Hydraulic Power Recovery Turbine (HPRT). [See More]

  • Pump Type: Axial Flow Pump; Boiler Feed Pump; Centrifugal Pump; Injection Pump; Split Case Pump
  • Liquid Flow: 5200.000 to 132000.000
  • Discharge Pressure: 4152.0
  • Discharge Size: 6.000 to 32.000
100 Series OEM Pump -- Model 102FD/R
from Watson Marlow Pumps Group

102R pumpheads accept tubes up to 4.8mm bore and provides continuous flow rates up to 106 ml/min and intermittent flow rates up to 212 ml/min. 102FD/R pumps have a 102R pumphead, 12V DC motor and mounting plate. A choice of speeds provides flow rates up to 106 ml/min [See More]

  • Pump Type: Injection Pump; Metering Pump; Peristaltic Pump; Positive Displacement Pump; Self-Priming Pump
  • Power Source: DC; 12 VDC
  • Liquid Flow: 0.028
  • Pump Housing Material: Plastic