Sensor Element / Chip Force and Load Sensors Datasheets

Series R01 Force Sensor -- MR01-100
from Cooper Instruments & Systems

Series R01 rugged smart sensors are designed for measuring tension and compression force, with applications in virtually every industry. Durable S-Beam design with threaded holes on two sides allows for many configurations. Steel construction ensures many years of use. The sensor can be integrated... [See More]

  • Device: Sensor Element / Chip
  • Force Measured: Tension; Compression
  • Force Rating: 100
  • Package: S-beam
Amplifier, OL 3000 A -- OL 3000 A

How to control your cargo load. With Tele Radio's electrical weight sensors, overload safety function and the Tiger system's weight amplifier you can control your cargo load. The weight sensors and the Tiger system also give you the option to sum up the weight from several lifting actions. With... [See More]

  • Device: Sensor Element / Chip
  • Force Rating: 0.3307