Round Operator Interface Enclosures

Handheld Enclosures -- Blob
from OKW Enclosures, Inc.

Handheld enclosures modeled for the hand. Inspired by the touch sensation, the design of the BLOB family of plastic enclosures is entirely focused on the needs of the user. high level of practical value thanks to a convincing touch sensation; the user ’s hands intuitively grasp the enclosure... [See More]

  • Shape: Round
  • Width: 2.36 to 6.5
  • Length: 4.49 to 7.87
  • Depth: 1.18 to 1.42
Wear On The Body Enclosures -- Body-Case
from OKW Enclosures, Inc.

Small enclosure with flair – comfortable to wear on the body. OKW ’s BODY-CASE is the new fully "wearable" standard plastic enclosure. The design is perfect for so-called "wearable technologies": on your arm, around your neck, clipped to a shirt or trouser pocket, or carried loose in an... [See More]

  • Shape: Round
  • Width: 1.61 to 1.81
  • Length: 1.97 to 2.44
  • Depth: 0.6300 to 0.6700