Textiles / Fabrics Thermoset Adhesives

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Self-leveling Silicone Rubber -- ELASTOSIL® E91
from Wacker Chemical Corp.

ELASTOSIL ® E91 is a self-levelling silicone rubber with very good mechanical properties, which cures at room temperature under the influence of atmospheric moisture. It can also be cured in steam oven within 3 min. Properties. fast curing in steam oven. high elongation properties. acetic... [See More]

  • Substrate Compatibility: Ceramic, Glass (optional feature); Concrete, Masonry (optional feature); Composites (optional feature); Metal (optional feature); Paper or Paperboard (optional feature); Plastic (optional feature); Porous Surfaces (optional feature); Rubber or Elastomer (optional feature); Textiles or Fabrics; Wood (optional feature)
  • Type / Form: Gel
  • Chemical System: Silicone; Elastomeric
  • Cure / Technology: Thermoset; Single Component; Reactive or Moisture Cured; Room Temperature Vulcanizing or Curing
3M™ Scotch-Weld™ High Performance Plastic Adhesive -- 1099 Tan
from 3M Aerospace and Aircraft Maintenance Division

3M ™ Scotch-Weld ™ Nitrile High Performance Plastic Adhesive 1099H is a fast drying and heat curable Nitrile adhesive. Air dried bonds have high strength; resist weathering, water, oil and fuel. It is excellent for bonding most vinyl extrusions and sheeting. Also bonds many fabrics. [See More]

  • Substrate Compatibility: Plastic; Textiles or Fabrics
  • Type / Form: Liquid
  • Chemical System: Elastomeric
  • Cure / Technology: Air Setting / Film Drying; Thermoset; Single Component
5 Minute Set Epoxy -- 10-3005
from Epoxies Etc...

These high bond strength adhesives are clear 100% solids, two component, low viscosity adhesives with a quick setting time of 5-46 minutes at room temperature. They are excellent for bonding plated metals, pewter, glass, wood, ceramic, felt, cement, gem stones, most plastics and rubbers, etc. [See More]

  • Substrate Compatibility: Ceramic, Glass; Concrete, Masonry; Metal; Plastic; Rubber or Elastomer; Textiles or Fabrics; Wood; Dissimilar Substrates
  • Type / Form: Liquid
  • Chemical System: Epoxy
  • Composition: Unfilled