Leaded / Free Machining Copper, Brass, and Bronze Alloys Datasheets

High Leaded Tin Bronze -- CDA: C93200
from Concast Metal Products Co.

The alloys which are described as tin bronzes have long been recognized for their low lead content (less than .25% lead) and high strength characteristics. These alloys from C90200 through C91700 are not materially different than those produced more than 3,500 years ago in Europe and China. These... [See More]

  • Features: Continuous, Centrifugal or Other Casting Process; Lead Additions
  • CDA Grade: 93200
  • Type: Brass, Bronze or Copper Alloy
  • Specifications: ICI, ASTM, or Other Casting Grade; ASTM / ASME; CDA; MIL-SPEC / QQS; SAE; ASARCON
Additional Alloys -- C18000 - ThermoMet
from Materion Corporation

Materion Brush Performance Alloys ’ UNS C18000 is a low cost copper nickel silicon chromium alloy with high electrical and thermal conductivity possessing good strength and hardness. Typical applications include resistance welding equipment and injection mold and blow mold cores and cavities. [See More]

  • Features: Continuous, Centrifugal or Other Casting Process; Lead Additions
  • Applications: HV / Electrical; Wear resistant parts or tooling
  • Shape / Form: Bar Stock (optional feature); Round Bar or Rod Stock (optional feature); Strip (optional feature); Semi-finished, Mill Stock or Near Net Shapes
C31400 Leaded Commercial Bronze -- Hex
from National Bronze & Metals Inc.

C31400 Leaded Commercial Bronze ASTM B140. Leaded Commercial Bronze C31400 combines the natural corrosion resistance of C22000 with the machinability typical of leaded brasses. Like C22000, it is an alpha brass nominally composed of 89% copper and 9% zinc, but it also contains approximately 2% lead... [See More]

  • Features: Wrought; Corrosion Resistant; Cold Finished, Rolled or Cold Drawn (optional feature); Extruded (optional feature); Forged (optional feature); Lead Additions
  • UNS C: 31400
  • Type: Brass, Bronze or Copper Alloy
  • CDA Grade: 314