MIL-SPEC Control and Instrumentation Cables Datasheets

Bribbon™ 100 Ohm Controlled Impedance Cable -- 2828
from BRIM Electronics, Inc.

28 AWG stranded tinned copper conductors UL VW-1, .010" wall of 105 °C. Conductors are laid parallel into a flat ribbon cable. Conductors are colored Gray, with one edge Red for polarity identification. BRIM BRIBBON ä cables are designed for fast, mass termination for all standard .050" IDC... [See More]

  • Standards / Certifications: CSA Mark; MIL-SPEC
  • Number of Conductors: 9 to 64
  • North American: 28
  • Rated Voltage: 0.3000
6 Conductor Flat Modular Cord (PVC), 500 ft Spool -- TDB6-500 [TDB6-500 from L-com, Inc.]
from Heilind Electronics, Inc.

Quickly build your own telephone and modem cables with L-com ’s flat silver satin modular cable. Silver satin cable is ideally suited for voice and low speed data applications. The flat oval design permits fast stripping and crimping of modular plugs. This compact flexible cable is great in... [See More]

  • Standards / Certifications: RoHS; MIL-SPEC
  • Product Type: Multiconductor Cable
Approved Cables For Stormscope™ Series II And L-3 Communications TCAS I, TAS Systems -- WM 25807
from PIC Wire & Cable

BFGoodrich lists PIC cables for their WX-1000 and WX-1000+ Stormscope ™ systems for Display (15-conductor), Antenna (11-conductor), and Synchro/Gyro (7-conductor) applications. In addition, the 7- and 11-conductor cables are approved for position-sensor and display applications for BFG TCAS I... [See More]

  • Standards / Certifications: RoHS; MIL-SPEC; FAA Flammability Requirements FAR part 23 and 26
  • Cable Shielding: Braid; Tinned Copper
  • Product Type: Multiconductor Cable; Specialty
  • North American: 24
1365943 [100E1121-0.50-9/9-0 from TE Connectivity]
from RS Components, Ltd.

The 100E wire is rail approved compliant with EN50306-2, EN50306-3, EN50306-4. 100E is suitable for all new rail builds within the EU. Lightweight. Thin walled. 30% lighter than similar thick walled wire. Dual jacket insulation. Rail market. Underground metro tunnels. Signal and power applications... [See More]

  • Standards / Certifications: MIL-SPEC; EN 50306, EN 50306-3, MIL STD 681
  • Rated Voltage: 0.3000
  • International: 0.5000
  • Rated Temperature: 90
Cable, Shielded; 2; 22 AWG; 19 x 34; 0.18 in.; 0.010 in.; 0.016 in.; PVC; 600 V -- 70140146 [3221 SL005 from Alpha Wire]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

PVC Jacket Braid Shield Multiconductor, Braided Tinned Copper (90% Coverage) Shield, 600 V. Conductor: Stranded, tinned copper. Color-coded polyvinylchloride insulation; conductors cabled; braided tinned copper shield, 90% coverage. Clear nylon jacket 0.003 " and gray PVC jacket (3221 —... [See More]

  • Standards / Certifications: MIL-SPEC
  • Cable Jacket: Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Product Type: Multiconductor Cable
  • Cable Insulation: Polyvinyl Chloride
Value Added Cable Assemblies
from Amphenol Aerospace Corporation

With over 100K Sq. Ft. of cable manufacturing space, and multiple locations in North America and Asia, Amphenol Aerospace has diverse capabilities to design and manufacture harsh environment cable assemblies. Our engineers have over 40 years experience designing cables and harnesses to a wide. [See More]

  • Standards / Certifications: MIL-SPEC
  • Rated Temperature: -40 to 70
  • Cable Jacket: Polyvinyl Chloride (optional feature); PA, PPA, PBT, PT, TPV, PU, PP, ABS
PTFE Insulated Multi-conductor Shielded Wire -- 9816
from Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable

Product Construction. Conductor: Single Conductror. 26 AWG stranded annealed silver plated copper wire (SPC). Insulation: (Type "E") 0.010" PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) (Teflon type) Insulation 200 °C. Shield: Overall silver plated copper braid shield 36 AWG 95% coverage. Jacket: PTFE fused... [See More]

  • Standards / Certifications: MIL-SPEC
  • Cable Jacket: PTFE
  • Product Type: Multiconductor Cable
  • Cable Insulation: PTFE
Commodore® Copper Comminication Cables
from General Cable

General Cable ’s advanced cables, assemblies and system solutions support the reliable flow of a growing torrent of high-speed data across high-bandwidth global communication networks in our increasingly connected world. Fiber optic submarine communications cables. Copper, fiber aerial and... [See More]

  • Standards / Certifications: IEC; MIL-SPEC
  • Cable Conductor: Copper
  • Product Type: Multiconductor Cable; Cat 7
  • Cable Shielding: Braid; Drain Wire; Foil; Foil Braid
Shielded Cables - MIL-C-27072 - Four Conductors
from National Wire & Cable Corporation

National Wire & Cable Corp. manufactures a line of shielded instrument cables for MILITARY and UL applications. All insulated wires use double-insulated (ie: Nylon-armored over PVC vinyl primary insulation) stranded tinned copper wires per MIL-W-16878/17. (BN) All 19 strand. Insulated wires are... [See More]

  • Standards / Certifications: MIL-SPEC; UL Recognized Component Mark (US and Canadian)
  • Cable Jacket: Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Product Type: Multiconductor Cable
  • Cable Insulation: Polyvinyl Chloride
FireWire -- NAFW1300-02
from Northwire, Inc.

cable rated 11 million bending and torsion cycles [See More]

  • Standards / Certifications: RoHS; CSA Mark; MIL-SPEC; UL Recognized Component Mark (US and Canadian); IEEE 1394 A
  • Cable Conductor: Copper
  • Cable Jacket: TPE
  • Rated Temperature: ? to 80
RF Coaxial Cable -- TRU-Test
from TRU Corporation

cintru ® low loss and superior shielded cable assemblies. Land mobile radio and wireless applications. Cost-effective 50 ohm coaxial solution. Operation to 6 GHz. Closed micro-cell foam dielectric for superior bend performance and protection against moisture migration into the dielectric. [See More]

  • Standards / Certifications: MIL-SPEC
  • Cable Insulation: PTFE
  • Cable Jacket: FEP
  • Cable Conductor: Copper