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  • Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays
    Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays. A definitive guide to the theory and applications of AMLCDs, this book contains numerous design and applications examples to help illustrate key points and make them relevant to real-world engineering tasks.
  • How Can I Reduce the Power Consumed by My Liquid Crystal Display?
    Traditional Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) controllers implement the switching of charge across their capacitive segments in an inefficient manner. On the physical LCD, each segment can be thought of as a capacitor. At a given refresh rate, the bias across the capacitors must change from -VLCD
  • Driving Liquid Crystal Displays with the PIC16F913/914/916/917/946
    The PIC16F913/914/916/917/946 microcontroller family provides an integrated LCD Driver module that directly drives LCD displays. In large scale applications, directly driving a custom LCD display can provide significant cost savings. In addition, low-power applications can benefit from the low
  • TFT LCD Display for Medical Device
    Visualization is an important parameter in modern medical field and nowadays almost exclusively realized by use of Liquid Crystal Display, especially TFT LCD.
  • Enhancing Electronic Displays in High-Ambient Light Conditions (.pdf)
    Electronic displays are now commonplace in many demanding applications where both high ambient light readability and environmental compatibility can be achieved only through enhancements to commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components. The enhancements described here focus on liquid-crystal display
  • Designing Wheel-Tuned, Digital-Display Radios with Next-Generation Radio ICs
    to show the tuned station. During the past decade, high-performance DSP-based radio designs have enabled sophisticated new user interfaces with buttons for auto seek/tune capabilities and liquid crystal displays (LCDs) that display the frequency. This article will discuss how to design a mid-level
  • Liquid Crystals - Preface
    Preface. Liquid crystal science and applications now permeate almost all segments of the society --from large industrial displays to individual homes and offices. Nondisplay applications in nonlinear optics, optical communication, and data/signal/image processing are receiving increasing attention
  • Dynamic calibration for improving the speed of a parallel-aligned liquid-crystal-on-silicon display
    The speed of most parallel-aligned liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCoS) spatial light modulators (SLMs) is limited to the video rate of their drivers, which is a limitation for high-speed applications. However, the LCoS SLM presented here has a driver allowing a frequency range of up to 1011 Hz. Using

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