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  • How Can I Reduce the Power Consumed by My Liquid Crystal Display?
    Traditional Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) controllers implement the switching of charge across their capacitive segments in an inefficient manner. On the physical LCD, each segment can be thought of as a capacitor. At a given refresh rate, the bias across the capacitors must change from -VLCD
  • Case Study: Wireless Video Solution and Display Signage Influence Supermarket Shopper Decisions
    non-competing local businesses. The attention-grabbing information is courtesy of newly-installed LCD (liquid crystal display) screens at each cash register. The high resolution screens display full motion streaming video courtesy of a dynamic digital signage solution from Intertise, Inc. Dynamic digital
  • Liquid Crystal in Precision Optical Devices
    While the liquid crystal industry is primarily driven by the display industry, increasingly important applications in science and engineering have emerged such as beam steering, wavefront modulation and polarization switching and control. We will discuss some of the differences in construction
  • Dynamic calibration for improving the speed of a parallel-aligned liquid-crystal-on-silicon display
    The speed of most parallel-aligned liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCoS) spatial light modulators (SLMs) is limited to the video rate of their drivers, which is a limitation for high-speed applications. However, the LCoS SLM presented here has a driver allowing a frequency range of up to 1011 Hz. Using
  • Advances in Polarization Based Liquid Crystal Optical Filters
    Liquid crystal tunable filters are gaining wide acceptance in such diverse areas as optical fiber communications, astronomy, remote sensing, pollution monitoring, color generation for display and medical diagnostics.
  • What Variables are Necessary for Good Heat Sealing?
    For plastics heat sealing, anisotropic and formono-isotropic liquid crystal display (LCD) assembly heatseal connector (HSC) to printed circuit boards (PCB connectors), front panel displays, or other substrates.
  • +/-5V Power Supply Operation with TC7106A/7107A (TC7106A/7107A)
    This application note describes how the TC7106/A/7107 3-1/2 digit analog-to-digital converters with liquid crystal display drive can be powered from ±5V power supplies using low cost regulators such as the TC55 (+5V).
  • Liquid Crystals - Preface
    Preface. Liquid crystal science and applications now permeate almost all segments of the society --from large industrial displays to individual homes and offices. Nondisplay applications in nonlinear optics, optical communication, and data/signal/image processing are receiving increasing attention

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