Cutting / Machining Nozzles

Abrasive Cutting Nozzle -- AUTOLINE II™
from KMT Waterjet Systems

For nearly four decades, KMT has been refining the water jet cutting process, developing the very best technology to meet modern manufacturers ’ demands for versatility, speed, and efficiency from their water jet cutting systems. Whether the application calls for water-only or an abrasive... [See More]

  • Application: Cutting
  • Pattern: Stream
  • Media: Water
  • Form: In-line
High Pressure Solid Stream Nozzle -- 546. 370. 27. 07
from Lechler, Inc.

Lechler's high pressure solid stream nozzle is especially designed for applications requiring liquid pressures up to 4500 psi. Each nozzle is a two-piece assembly and provides a sharp, uniform flat fan spray pattern. The base is made from 303 grade stainless steel and the orifice is made from... [See More]

  • Application: Cleaning; Cutting
  • Flow: 66 to 198
  • Media: Water
  • Maximum Pressure: 1000 to 9000
Sapphire Nozzles
from Swiss Jewel Company

Sapphire Nozzles are used where a longer Inner Diameter to Length ratio is desired. Using sapphire nozzles will provide longer life than using metal and we can hold tighter tolerances due to sapphires acceptance of higher surface finish. Typical Sapphire Nozzle Applications: Gas & Air Flow,... [See More]

  • Application: Cleaning; Cutting; Ink Jet
  • Pattern: Stream
  • Media: Air; Ink; Water
  • Orifice Size: 9.5 to 30