Integrated Optical Probe Vision Sensors

Inspection Camera for Conveyor Monitoring System -- QQ5
from Cablevey Conveyors

Inspection Camera for Conveyor Monitoring System. Install a conveyor monitoring system camera to ensure proper installation and maintenance of your Cablevey conveyor. Our cameras are diagnostic tools that run through tubular drag systems to ensure that conveyors are installed correctly. All cameras... [See More]

  • Physical: Integrated Optical Probe
  • Horizontal Resolution: 1080
  • Inspection Functions: Monitors Maintenance and Cleaning Needs
  • Vertical Resolution: 1920
Intensified Solid-State Camera -- CIDI3710D-XD4
from Thermo Scientific Liquid Handling Consumables & Instruments

Thermo Scientific* CIDI3710D-XD4 is a very-low-light-level, gated, intensified, CID-based camera consisting of CID3710D solid state RS-170 version camera fiberoptically coupled to XD-4 version 18mm microchannel plate image intensifier. Solid-state video monochrome video camera features a 2:1... [See More]

  • Physical: Integrated Optical Probe
  • Inspection Functions: Object Measurement
  • Monochrome / Color: Monochrome
  • Horizontal Resolution: 776