Color Vision Sensors

0.3-10.0 Mega Pixel PoE Industrial Camera -- QUARTZ
from Advantech

Best price/performance ratio CCD and CMOS sensor options. Resolution up to 10.0 MP. 100 m cable length. Ultra small form factor. Built in 56 MB frame buffer. Power over Ethernet. The Advantech Quartz industrial camera series have between 0.3-10.0 mega pixel CCDs and include ultra-fast speeds and a... [See More]

  • Monochrome / Color: Monochrome; Color
  • Vertical Resolution: 640 to 4608
  • Horizontal Resolution: 480 to 3288
  • Maximum Frame Rate: 120
SBOC-Q-R2C Compact Vision System -- 551022
from Festo Corporation

Compact Vision System SBOC-Q-R2C For type identification, position and rotation detection, and 2-D quality testing of moving and stationary parts. Sensor resolution=1280 x 1024 Pixel (SXGA), Lens attachment =CS mount (C mount with lens protection tubing), Field of vision=Dependent on the selected... [See More]

  • Monochrome / Color: Color
  • Horizontal Resolution: 1280
  • Inspection Functions: Object Position
  • Vertical Resolution: 1024
1.4 Megapixel CCD Microscope Camera -- INFINITY2-1RC
from Lumenera Corporation

Scientific digital imaging for documentation and image analysis in Life Science, Clinical and Material Science applications. The newly engineered INFINITY2-1R scientific camera offers a significant performance increase for quantitative and low-light applications over its predecessor. Reduced... [See More]

  • Monochrome / Color: Color
  • Vertical Resolution: 1040
  • Horizontal Resolution: 1392
  • Maximum Frame Rate: 15
Digital Extreme Low-Light CMOS Camera -- NOCTURN
from PHOTONIS Technologies SAS

NOCTURN camera is a rugged low-light camera module that features high-definition resolution, high sensitivity and high dynamic range with low power consumption. It provides color or monochrome real-time imaging capabilities – from daylight to bright starlight – in the visible and near... [See More]

  • Monochrome / Color: Monochrome; Color
  • Vertical Resolution: 1024
  • Horizontal Resolution: 1280
  • Maximum Frame Rate: 100
Piranha4 Polarization -- P4-CP-02K07Q
from Teledyne DALSA

Industry's first linescan polarization camera: making the invisible visible. The Piranha4 Polarization ™ camera is a breakthrough in the machine vision industry. This high-speed polarization camera features three native polarization states plus an unfiltered channel. The Piranha4 polarization... [See More]

  • Monochrome / Color: Color
  • Vertical Resolution: 2048
  • Horizontal Resolution: 4
  • Imaging Technology: Polarization
GB Series -- Prosilica GB1380C
from Allied Vision Technologies GmbH

1.4 Megapixel single-board GigE Vision camera - high sensitivityThe ultra-compact 1.4 Megapixel GB1380 is a very sensitive, high-resolution CCD camera with Gigabit Ethernet interface (GigE Vision „ ¢). The GB1380 incorporates the incomparable Sony ICX285 CCD sensor with ExView technology... [See More]

  • Monochrome / Color: Color
  • Vertical Resolution: 1024
  • Horizontal Resolution: 1360
  • Maximum Frame Rate: 30
Vision Sensors -- iVu Integrated Vision Sensors
from Banner Engineering Corp.

No PC required to configure, change or monitor. Installation and configuration in 4 easy steps. High-speed processing. Intuitive operation with menu driven tools to guide you through setup. Compact, rugged housing available with or without a variety of integrated ring lights. On-board USB port for... [See More]

  • Monochrome / Color: Color
  • Horizontal Resolution: 752
  • Inspection Functions: Object Detection (optional feature)
  • Vertical Resolution: 480
CX Series Industrial Cameras -- VCXG-02C
from Baumer Ltd.

CX series cameras merge high quality and reliability with the performance of the latest CMOS sensor generation Sony ® Pregius ™ and ON Semiconductor ®PYTHON for realizing future-oriented applications. Thanks to the wide variety of sensors you are sure to find the ideal GigE or USB 3.0... [See More]

  • Monochrome / Color: Color
  • Vertical Resolution: 480
  • Horizontal Resolution: 640
  • Maximum Frame Rate: 403 to 595
Advantage Vision Engines -- AE2
from Cognex Corporation

The AE2 Advantage ™ vision engine offers OEMs the ability to leverage the power of Cognex vision and ID tools in a product that is exceptionally compact (14.5mm x 29.1mm x 20.5mm), flexible but also cost effective. Unlike traditional scan engines, the AE2 Advantage vision engine delivers... [See More]

  • Monochrome / Color: Color
  • Format / Output: RS232 (optional feature); Ethernet (optional feature)
Line Scan Cameras
from E2V Technologies (UK), Ltd.

With 40 years ’ experience in the imaging field, Teledyne e2v is a key supplier to the machine vision market. Recognised for the quality of our CMOS and CCD sensors and cameras, Teledyne e2v designs and manufactures the class leading UNiiQA+, ELiiXA+, AViiVA and DiViiNA line scan camera... [See More]

  • Monochrome / Color: Monochrome (optional feature); Color (optional feature)
  • Vertical Resolution: 512 to 16384
  • Horizontal Resolution: 1 to 4
  • Maximum Frame Rate: 18000 to 200000
3D Scanner -- HDI Advance Series R1X
from LMI Technologies

The HDI Advance 3D family of scanners capturescomplete digital 3D scans from physical objects in justseconds. The system is ideal for manufacturers, visualeffects studios, research labs, and academic institutionsthat need complex 3D measurements. [See More]

  • Monochrome / Color: Monochrome; Color
  • Imaging Technology: Structured-Light
Gigabit Ethernet Camera -- Visionscape® GigE Camera
from Microscan Systems Incorporated

High speed, high resolution image processing. Provides full capabilities of powerful Visionscape software. System implementation uses standard network components. Support up to eight Visionscape GigE cameras. GigE cameras available in multiple configurations, including: VGA Mono or Color CCD, VGA... [See More]

  • Monochrome / Color: Monochrome; Color
  • Imaging Technology: CCD; CMOS
  • Inspection Functions: Object Detection; Edge Detection; Image Direction; Alignment; Object Measurement; Object Position; Bar Code Detection; Optical Character Recognition; Color Mark Detection
  • Format / Output: RS232; Ethernet; Ethernet
IP Camera With Intensifier Technology -- 90-10660
from MilesTek Corporation

Features: View and record your cameras remotely over a network or the internet. Works with all LAN, WAN and internet configurations. IP server and intensifier in the camera!. Access all intensifier & WDR functions over the network or internet. Linux Operating System built into camera - No virus... [See More]

  • Monochrome / Color: Color
  • Horizontal Resolution: 540
  • Inspection Functions: Object Detection
  • Vertical Resolution: 540
from Optex FA

Stores 16 sets of parameters that can be accessed remotely [See More]

  • Monochrome / Color: Color
  • Inspection Functions: Object Detection; Object Position; Color Mark Detection; Color Area
  • Inspection Rate: 1250
  • Horizontal Resolution: 208
Pixelfly Series -- Model Pixelfly
from PCO AG

Has digital temperature compensation instead of thermo-electrical cooling [See More]

  • Monochrome / Color: Monochrome; Color
  • Horizontal Resolution: 1360
  • Inspection Functions: Object Detection
  • Vertical Resolution: 1024
Tiny High-G Camera Heads for Vehichle Crash Testing -- MH4-10K
from Photron

The multi head FASTCAM MH4 from Photron provides superb light sensitivity from an unbelievable small package. Four camera heads, each less than 1.5 ” (35mm) square can be connected to the compact DC processor to enable easy high speed imaging in the most difficult to access and hostile... [See More]

  • Monochrome / Color: Color
  • Vertical Resolution: 96 to 512
  • Horizontal Resolution: 512
  • Maximum Frame Rate: 10000
FireWire CCD Industrial Camera -- PL-B952F
from PixeLINK

Details. The PL-B952 is a high performance XGA (1024 x 768) color CCD camera designed for a broad range of industrial imaging applications. This camera is based on the Sony ICX204 progressive scan sensor with a 1/3 ” optical format. External triggering and 2 general-purpose outputs provide... [See More]

  • Monochrome / Color: Color
  • Vertical Resolution: 768
  • Horizontal Resolution: 1024
  • Maximum Frame Rate: 20
Camera Link CMOSIS Camera -- STC-CMC120APCL
from Sentech America

The STC-CMC120APCL color camera, featuring Power Over Camera Link, is part of the high-speed, CMOS Camera Link Camera series. This color camera uses the C-MOSIS 12 Megapixel sensor which outputs full resolution at 62 fps. STC-CMC120APCL also provides full triggering capabilities, a user configurable... [See More]

  • Monochrome / Color: Color
  • Imaging Technology: CMOS; CMOSIS
  • Maximum Frame Rate: 62.3
  • Resolution: 8 bits; 10 bits