Cooled Sensor Vision Sensors

1.4 Megapixel Cooled CCD Microscope Camera -- INFINITY3-1C
from Teledyne Lumenera

Teledyne Lumenera ’s INFINITY3-1 camera is designed for use in a wide variety of scientific applications. Cooled models are ideal in low-light conditions and where high dynamic range is required. With 1392x1040 resolution and on-board processing, these cameras deliver outstanding image quality... [See More]

  • Monochrome / Color: Color
  • Vertical Resolution: 1040
  • Horizontal Resolution: 1392
  • Maximum Frame Rate: 15
Low Light Camera -- NOCTURN XL
from PHOTONIS Technologies SAS

Digital Video Output: 10/8-bit CameraLink ® Compatible Analog Video Output: NTSC/PAL (user selectable) The NOCTURN XL Camera is powered by the Lynx CMOS imaging sensor, optimized for low light level imaging. Day to Low light detection. High frame rate, no latency. Optimized for mobility... [See More]

  • Monochrome / Color: Monochrome
  • Vertical Resolution: 60
  • Horizontal Resolution: 1280
  • Imaging Technology: CMOS Camera
TE1 Stabilized SWIR OEM Module -- XSW-320-Analog
from Xenics nv

The XSW-320 SWIR module is a shortwave infrared OEM module with a resolution of 320 x 256 pixels and a pixel pitch of 20 ┬Ám. It is equipped with a single-stage thermoelectric cooler which guarantees low noise and dark current characteristics. The XSW-320 is available with a variety of interfaces and... [See More]

  • Monochrome / Color: Monochrome
  • Vertical Resolution: 256
  • Horizontal Resolution: 320
  • Imaging Technology: SWIR Camera