Bin Activator System Solids Feeders

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Metalfab Live Bin
from Metalfab, Inc.

The Metalfab Live Bin consists of a round metal bin with a single baffle supported immediately above the outlet. The bin and its entire contents are vibrated horizontally in response to the forces of the unbalanced weights of the vibrator. The Live Bin comes with its own support frame and, like the... [See More]

  • Feeder Type: Bin Activator System; Vibratory Feeder
  • Flow Control: Volumetric
  • Application / Operation: Conveyor (optional feature); Filling
  • Volumetric Capacity: 3 to 100
Hopper Discharge Aid -- DUC
from DMN, Incorporated

The DUC discharge unit is specially designed to prevent bridging of product at the hopper outlet (up to 5 m ³). A rotating paddle inside the hopper cone keeps the product in motion. When mixed products are used, the rotating blade avoids product separation at the hopper outlet. The DUC... [See More]

  • Feeder Type: Bin Activator System; Bin Sweep Arm
  • Material Characteristics: Dry or Free Flowing; Pastes, Slurries or Moist Solids
  • Application / Operation: Filling; Discharging