Blending Capability Solids Feeders

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Hopper Eductors
from Schutte & Koerting

Eductors Using Liquid in Handling Dry Solids use liquid under pressure which issues through a nozzle in the eductor and produces a high velocity jet. This creates a suction in the body of the eductor and causes the suction material to be drawn into the eductor and entrained by liquid. Both the... [See More]

  • Common Features: Blending; Integral Hopper or Bin
  • Material Characteristics: Pastes, Slurries or Moist Solids
  • Application / Operation: Conveyor
  • Material Type: Abrasives or Ceramics; Chemicals; Food Processing; Mining; Polymers; Power Production; Sanitary; Dry Solids
Bulk Bag Unloader Weighing Systems
from Sterling Systems & Controls

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. offers a full line of Weighing Systems for use in their Bulk Bag Unloading Systems. These weighing systems in the bulk bag unloaders incorporate many of the same structural aspects as the micro, minor, and bulk weighing systems, but are specifically designed to... [See More]

  • Common Features: Blending; Control Panel; Integral Hopper or Bin; Vibrator
  • Flow Control: Gravimetric
  • Feeder Type: Mechanical / Automated
  • Material Characteristics: Dry or Free Flowing