Bin Sweep Arm Solids Feeders Datasheets

MECHATRON® Feeder -- Model HC (Gravimetric)
from AccuRate/Schenck AccuRate

The revolutionary MECHATRON ® family of feeders, not only incorporates a superior feeder design that makes so much sense it could obsolete all others, but also brings the automation features that drastically reduce capital investment and installation costs. MECHATRON ® gravimetric feeders... [See More]

  • Feeder Type: Bin Sweep Arm; Screw
  • Flow Control: Volumetric; Gravimetric
  • Application / Operation: Metering
  • Volumetric Capacity: 2.8 to 1137
Loss in Weight Belt Feeder -- K-ML-FB130
from Coperion K-Tron

The Loss-in-Weight Belt Feeder FB130 combines the gentle material handling advantages of a belt feeder with the accurate control of a loss-in-weight system. It is ideal for feeding fragile products or powders with special characteristics, e.g. powders with very low melting points, powders with wax... [See More]

  • Feeder Type: Belt; Bin Sweep Arm (optional feature)
  • Flow Control: Gravimetric
  • Application / Operation: Metering
  • Volumetric Capacity: 5.67
Hopper Discharge Aid -- DUC
from DMN, Incorporated

The DUC discharge unit is specially designed to prevent bridging of product at the hopper outlet (up to 5 m ³). A rotating paddle inside the hopper cone keeps the product in motion. When mixed products are used, the rotating blade avoids product separation at the hopper outlet. The DUC... [See More]

  • Feeder Type: Bin Activator System; Bin Sweep Arm
  • Material Characteristics: Dry or Free Flowing; Pastes, Slurries or Moist Solids
  • Application / Operation: Filling; Discharging