Portable / Mobile Solids Feeders Datasheets

Vibratory Feeder LABORETTE 24 with U-Shaped Channel
from Fritsch GmbH - Milling and Sizing

For slow, measured feeding to achieve a uniform, wide sample feeding of free-flowing materials. Areas of application. Slow, measured feeding of free-flowing material to obtain a uniform, wide sample feeding for a wide range of applications, such as for sample dividers, mills, mixers, scales. Method... [See More]

  • Common Features: Portable; Vibrator
  • Application / Operation: Filling; Sampling
  • Feeder Type: Vibratory Feeder
  • Flow Control: Volumetric
Custom Loading and Material Weighing Systems
from Sterling Systems & Controls

Systems Design & Integration. System Implementation and Management. System Design and Process Development. Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. specializes in delivering integrated automation, process and control systems for a wide range of industries that include agriculture, aggregate,... [See More]

  • Common Features: Blending (optional feature); Control Panel (optional feature); Integral Hopper or Bin (optional feature); Portable (optional feature)
  • Application / Operation: Conveyor (optional feature); Filling (optional feature); Metering (optional feature); Discharging (optional feature)
  • Feeder Type: Screw (optional feature); Vacuum (optional feature); Vibratory Feeder (optional feature)
  • Flow Control: Gravimetric (optional feature)
Tuf-Flex™ Volumetric Feeder -- 100 Series
from AccuRate/Schenck AccuRate

In most every industry worldwide, from chemicals to food, plastics, pharmaceuticals and countless others, you'll find Schenck AccuRate volumetric feeders at work, metering fine powders, flakes, granules, chips, fibers, pellets and anything else imaginable. Instead of incorporating traditional... [See More]

  • Common Features: Control Panel; Portable
  • Application / Operation: Metering
  • Feeder Type: Screw
  • Flow Control: Volumetric
OptiLoad® -- Venturi Loader
from Opti Temp, Inc.

Efficient, mechanically simple, and quiet way to convey material [See More]

  • Common Features: Integral Hopper or Bin; Portable; Vibrator (optional feature)
  • Application / Operation: Conveyor
  • Feeder Type: Other
  • Material Type: Polymers