Silicon Nitride Ceramic Tube and Ceramic Rod Products

3M™ Silicon Nitride
from 3M Advanced Materials Division

Heavy-duty diesel engines. Jet engine igniters. Oil wells thousands of feet underground. When extreme conditions like these push equipment to its limits, 3M ™ Silicon Nitride industrial ceramics deliver high performance where other materials fail. 3M silicon nitride is 60% lighter than steel... [See More]

  • Material Type: Silicon Nitride; Specialty Material
  • Applications: Abrasion Resistant; Electronics or semiconductors; Automotive, Aerospace
  • Shape: Hollow Stock (Tube, Pipe, Column); Custom Shape; Tube; Immersion Tube or Sheath
OMEGATITE 650® Protection Tube -- PTRS
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

OMEGATITE ®650 is an alloy of silicon nitride and aluminum oxide. This superior refractory material has the combined properties of silicon nitride (high strength, hardness, fracture toughness, and low thermal expansion) and aluminum oxide (corrosion resistance, chemically inert, high temperature... [See More]

  • Material Type: Mullite (optional feature); Silicon Nitride; Specialty Material; Alumina
  • Width / Diameter: 0.4921 to 1.1
  • Shape: Tube
  • I.D.: 0.2559 to 0.6299
Si3N4 Silicon Nitride Ceramic Guide Roll For HF Tube And Pipe Welding
from Xiamen Unipretec Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd.

UNIPRETEC is good at producing standard and customized Si3N4 Silicon Nitride Guide Roll for high frequency electric resistance welding. Typical Si3N4 properties are: high thermal shock resistance, high service temperature, excellent electrical insulated, high wear and corrosion resistance. Si3N4... [See More]

  • Material Type: Silicon Nitride; Specialty Material
  • Resistivity: 1.00E11 to 1.00E15
  • Shape: Roller / Roll
  • Thermal Conductivity: 2.2 to 29
Silicon Nitride
from Kyocera Corporation

Silicon nitride is optimal for engine parts due to its toughness at high temperatures, superior thermal shock resistance, light weight and corrosion resistance. [See More]

  • Material Type: Silicon Nitride; Specialty Material
  • Dielectric Strength: 1.00E7 to 1.30E7
  • Shape: Spout (optional feature); Hollow Stock (Tube, Pipe, Column) (optional feature); KilnFurniture (optional feature); Custom Shape (optional feature); Roller / Roll (optional feature); Tube (optional feature); Immersion Tube or Sheath
  • Dielectric Constant: 9.6