Horizontal Grinders and Grinding Machines Datasheets

Stationary Multipurpose Grinder -- MULTI-MAX

Stationary multipurpose grinder for all workshop grinding, blending and finishing jobs. This versatile bench grinder uses all PTX abrasive wheels and discs with 5/8" - 11 UNC threads or 7/8" arbor. Two shaft mountings. Uses grinding discs with 5/8"-11 UNC or 7/8" mounting and abrasive grinding... [See More]

  • Spindle Options / Orientation: Horizontal
  • Mounting: Bench / Pedestal
  • Type: Grinder; Grinding Wheel Grinder; Disc or Wheel Face Grinder; Polisher-Grinder
  • Applications / Materials Abraded: Building & Construction; Clean / Surface Prep; Metal; Plastics or Composites; Wood
Super Precision Infeed / Thrufeed Centerless Grinder -- GT-610
from Glebar Company Inc.

What makes this Centerless grinder unique is the use of the 8-5/8" *(219mm) wide grinding wheel, equipped with super precision hollow roller bearings, which results in more efficient cutting, superior surface, longer dress and wheel life. A 6" (152mm) diameter 8-5/8" wide regulating wheel also... [See More]

  • Spindle Options / Orientation: Horizontal
  • Mounting: Floor / Machine Tool
  • Type: Grinder; Centerless Throughfeed; Precision
  • Applications / Materials Abraded: Metal