Mechanical Product and Material Test Fixtures and Accessories Datasheets

Manual Test Stand for DFG Force Gages -- DFG-TS
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

Reliable inspection is essential to successful quality control. OMEGA'S DFG-TS manual test stand assures consistent, identical measuring conditions by eliminating human error. In addition, the stand shortens inspection time to greatly increase work efficiency. OMEGA's DFG60/70 and 80 series force... [See More]

  • Operation: Manual
  • Application: Compression (optional feature); Tensile (optional feature)
  • Test Fixture Type: Test Stand
  • Capacity: 220
HALT/HASS Fixturing System
from Thermotron Industries

Fixtures are often an important aspect of Environmental testing with chambers or vibration. Fixtures help avoid errors in product responses to various environmental simulations. Proper fixture design and product mounting are essential to accurate and effective testing. [See More]

  • Operation: Manual
  • Application: Drop; Vibration
  • Test Fixture Type: Test Fixture / Holder
Deluxe Action Wedge Grip -- Model DA-1
from United Testing Systems, Inc.

United Deluxe-Action Wedge grips allow the grip body to move up or down to close the grip inserts on the sample from the sides. [See More]

  • Operation: Manual
  • Application: Compression; Tensile
  • Test Fixture Type: Test Grip / Clamp; Deluxe Action Wedge Grip
  • Capacity: 1000
Reference Indentation Reading Blocks
from Foundrax Engineering Products, Ltd.

These are for comparison purposes to determine degree of operator accuracy in manual microscope measurement. These are steel blocks containing 5 Reference Indentations made with a 10mm ball in the range 2.40-6mm and 5 Reference Indentions made with a 5mm ball in the range 1.30-3mm. These measuring... [See More]

  • Operation: Manual
  • Application: Hardness
  • Test Fixture Type: Standard / Test Block
  • Test Standard: ISO; Brinell
10 kN Wedge Grip
from Mecmesin Corporation

The 10kN Wedge Grip is supplied fitted as standard with removable cross-hatch jaw faces for holding flat samples of 0.2-10mm thickness. The jaw faces may be removed and replaced by alternative cross-hatch flat jaws or v-grooved jaws for holding round samples. Capacity. 10kN (1000kgf, 2200lbf). [See More]

  • Operation: Manual
  • Application: Tensile
  • Test Fixture Type: Test Grip / Clamp
  • Capacity: 2248
Biaxial clip-on extensometer
from Zwick USA

Strain Gage (DMS) Clip-On Extensometers. A strain gage extensometer is a mechanical device which measures strain on a specimen which has been subjected to a load, usually via a materials testing machine. The extensometer is physically attached to the specimen and the measurement of strain is... [See More]

  • Operation: Manual
  • Application: Shear or Torsion; Strain
  • Test Fixture Type: Extensometer
  • Test Standard: ISO